Photography – Seen Better Days!

Lens Artist photo challenge # 168

This week’s host Tina invites you in exploring places and things that have seen better days!

Vagaries of time

tale of withering beauty

skeletal whispers

Back then, I am sure this typewriter typed at lightning speed, bringing out emotions on paper!

What a beauty she must have been in her hey days!

The green elixir today dies a slow death at the hands of man!
Ah, it must have dressed many a beautiful ladies back in time!
The primeval soul of the ruins, today holds many a secret within them!


In response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge : Post photographs of alphabet words having both r and s.

Street! Now isn’t this a perfect street to take a stroll by the sea, with the blue sky and serene waves for company?
Stray dogs enjoying their afternoon siesta!
Sunrise, heralding a new day, gifting us a “today” to be alive to each moment of it!
Rusted, but not routed 😉
Ruins, do you hear my story?
Seashore, Ah! But I don’t see anyone selling sea shells by the seashore…

WPC – Weathered

A monumental marvel, once upon a time,

standing tall, an imposing structure,

its vibrant past reverberated with laughter and mirth

the vagaries of time dealt a cruel blow

its colourful history now a faded memory

weathered and bruised by many a storm

aged and in ruins, defeated and broken

it holds on to the threads of pain

losing its soul amidst the seasons gone by!


These are pictures of Mandu Fort in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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