Tuesday 20 word story prompt: Rejuvenation


Celebrating the silver jubilee reunion, sitting in their classrooms, indulging in nostalgic memories, a spirit of euphoric rejuvenation enveloped them.


What rejuvenates you? Do share! Have a lovely Sunday!!

Virtual Classrooms!

Happy to share that this poem is featured in prohzeonline publications.

Young lady typing on keyboard of laptop in living room

Normally at this time of the year, the schools here in India, would witness a fusillade of squeals and chatter, welcoming the students after a two month vacation. The glee and excitement they feel on the opening day, is absolutely contagious. Dressed in a new uniforms, with new books, new classrooms, meeting old friends and new, they are all geared up to take on another academic year in their stride.

But alas, this year things seem to have gravitated from the normal. With uncertainty looming large in all aspects of life, and no clarity on how long this pandemic will last, schools have resorted to virtual classrooms with online classes for most of the grades. It is a huge adjustment for the teachers and the students alike. Everybody is desperately waiting for things to fall back to normalcy.

The deserted school waits in vain

for its classrooms to be filled,

with boisterous brats and nerdy brains,

 innocent laughter that echoes to the corridors

tiny hands that crayon a masterpiece

the endless debates of the thinking minds

experiments, hobbies and art classes

assignments, projects and field trips

 endless squabbles and punishment

the favourite teacher, the secret crush,

surprise tests, boring classes,

cheering buddies and bruised knees

pandemonium on playground,

innumerable memories created

within the periphery of school.


the languid souls confined to their rooms,

desperately try to focus on the lessons online

missing out on all the fun and learning.

Restless, they wait in anticipation

to step back into their classrooms

to fill  the canvas of their school life

with bold strokes of joyful learning.

The Last Page

Press the rewind button of your life, to a few years back, till you are in your high school. Then press the stop button. Pick up any note book and turn to the last page. What do you see there?

Well, I asked you to do this exercise, as today I just happened to open my daughter’s book. This is what I found on the last page !

lp   lp2


Looking at this transported me back to my school days. Reflecting back, I fondly recollected my rendezvous with the last page of various note books. 😉


  • Secret messages in code words exchanged between me and my friends.
  • Countless games of tic tac toe, name place animal thing.
  • Chatting with friends in the form of Q & A, when the teacher turned to write on the blackboard 😉
  • Throwing blobs of ink from the fountain pen (no gel pen those days) in the centre of the page , folding the page and making unique symmetrical designs.
  • Writing down the note regarding HW or test.
  • Scribbling my name in different fonts.
  • Trying to write with my left hand
  • Attempting to perfect my future signature 😉
  • and many more ……..

I am sure the last page of our books unfold many emotions, mischiefs, stories and memories.

Children will always be children……..only the last page stories differ!

Lo behold! The saga of the last page

unravels sweet tales filled with

excitement of the young minds,

of the umpteen scribbles,

fun games played,

secret missions accomplished,

tête–à–tête with friends,

teacher’s caricatures.

A world of fantasy

that gets obscured with the passage of time


when chanced upon many birthdays later

brings a smile to your face

and opens nostalgic floodgates!






Let’s learn to teach our children – 1


images (6)Its result time for many students who appeared for the various boards and entrance exams…… And each year, it is shocking to read the number of suicides committed by the young students due to fear of failure, is on the rise. Who is to blame for this grave problem…….is it the education system, parents, schools or all?


What does education mean to us? Is it a report card with high grades, or is it a journey into the world of learning, doing, understanding, experiencing the various subjects? The dictionary defines education as “the process of facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values and habits to people through teaching, storytelling, discussion, training and research”. So do our schools have a good blend of all these ingredients to churn out a perfect recipe for gaining knowledge? Continue reading “Let’s learn to teach our children – 1”

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