Wanderlust Tales

Away from the mediocrity of life

the call of nature tugs my nomadic heart

to tread the lonely path, deep into the unblemished locales.

I escape from the ordinary,

letting the wings of freedom carry me into the wilderness.

Tall primeval trees stand on snow clad ground

whispering stories of silent loneliness.

In isolation of my sanctuary, feelings pour out,

the letters soak in the essence of nature’s hues

 thaw those emotions on to the paper.

 I script the trail of my journey, the wanderlust tales!

Sadje’s WDYS prompt

Reena’s Xploration Challenge prompt 221


From Reel to Real!

Actor, Mask, Theater, Performance, Comedy, Theatrical

As an actor, my career spanned decades

with many characters portrayed on screen.

Some I molded into seamlessly,

others tested my abilities intensely.

A few, I am proud to have essayed

while regrets defined others.

I grew…

as strands of yarn from every script nested into my thoughts,

crocheting patterns into my core.

Their fragrance wafted into my breath,

slivers of joy and sorrow, filled in my emotional palette.

A fragment from each portrayal, scripted my growth…

I grew from a reel actor to a real human!

V’J’s weekly challenge : Nesting

What chapter are you writing tomorrow?


The book of life, lies by the window sill

the cool breeze flutters its blank pages

waiting to be inked with blue

of life stories day after day

till the journey ends at the grave.


The initial chapters are done, with no scope of editing.

Are you happy with that manuscript?

Does the draft of the forthcoming chapters need a quick revision?

How would you like to develop the story of your life further?


Would you like to include a few chapters of

Romance, drama, spirituality, emotions and adventure?

Do away with the mundane, to throw in elements of surprise.

Step out of your comfort zone to pump up the adrenaline.

Be a beacon of light to brighten the lives of fellowmen.

Narrate tales of bridges built or missions accomplished.

Fill it with burst of giggles and laughter, radiating cheer and happiness.

Impact with deeds of kindness and gratitude oozing out.

Erase the dull monochrome, to paint it in vibrant hues.

Script the ensuing chapters to follow your passion.

Redeem yourself of the past mistakes, with a second chance.

Episodes of daring to dream, confronting the challenges, championing a cause.

Learning to live each moment, than merely existing.

Create beautiful moments today, to believe in happy endings.

For tomorrow, when you look back

to read  the book of your life you authored,

 let it be a masterpiece!

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