WPC – Place in the world

A place in the world, my utopian dream

a quaint cottage, on a carpet of green

cradled in the morning mist

the ears drench in the gurgling brook’s melody,

the vibrant blooms , the swaying trees

meandering butterflies, the chirpy birds

all reside in my friendly neighbourhood.

The idyllic surroundings weave a sublime image

a warm confluence of nature’s grandiose

the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

of bountiful peace and tranquillity!


Ps: All the pictures were taken during our visit to Poland.


WPC – Serene

The ripples created by the hectic pace,

on the run routine, saps the energy

of the tired and overworked mind,

its time for a recharge!

Heading amidst the lap of nature

resting the fatigued body and mind

the boundless sky, meandering clouds,

tranquil waters, azure horizon,

all work in tandem to

infuse serene concoctions into the soul

the worries quietly seep out and

unbounded peace flows within!


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