3 stories this time in response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #37 : Dreams

Birds, Flock, Wings, Flying, Sky, Clouds

Her untimely death, shattered his dreams.


Recurrent pattern of dreams, scared him.


Complete realization dawned in his dreams. 


(The above can be read as 3 individual stories or continuation of just 1)






Daily Prompt – Cozy!


Lost in a dreamy slumber

snuggling under the blanket

in the warmth of the cozy bed,

the cocoon of  the lulling reverie

shattered by the shrill of the alarm

to be snoozed, until it loses patience

and goes off again, its ire more obvious!

Oh, it is such a gigantic effort

to get out of bed on a cold winter morn!

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