Life !!

Tunnel, Tunnel Tube, Light At The End Of The Tunnel
  1. Lockdown brought life to a standstill.


2.   Introspection changes perspective of life completely.


3.  Dark clouds pass, life smiles again.


3 stories in response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt: Life.


The Birth of Hope!

Hope, Word, Letters, Scrabble

When a faint ray of light trickles into the darkness

when a tender green sprouts amid the barren wilderness

when an understanding hug greets your failure

when a soothing touch strokes your bruised body

when a sweet smile welcomes you back home

when a helping hand pulls you out of an abyss

when words of encouragement goad you to carry on

when a child’s innocent laughter shatters the silence of the cry

when you see an act of humanity in trying conditions


Hope is born and

life becomes beautiful once again.

WPC – Smile

A smile is a beautiful accessory to use. I can list a number of advantages to use it more often!

  1. Great stress buster, keeps sorrow at bay!
  2. A smile spreads miles of happiness. So let it travel far and wide!
  3. Being a universal language, it has international validity!
  4. It wipes away the ugly frown!
  5. A global brand which is never out of fashion 😉
  6. Smile and indulge in soul therapy!
  7. As prices of all commodities sky rocket, a smile remains absolutely free, with its benefits still not under the tax radar!
  8. You never run out of it, no matter how much you use it!
  9. Your smile is worth a million dollars! So flaunt it !
  10. Finally smile while you still have your teeth 😉

Be happy and keep smiling !

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3 Day Quote Challenge

This is my second 3 day quote challenge. I was nominated by Shefali and Mona for this challenge. Thank you ladies for the nomination. Do visit their amazing blogs.

The rules go like this:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. 3 quotes in a day, or all 3 quotes on same day
  3. 3 nominees each day, not repetitive and Inform the nominees

I am doing all the 3 quotes on one day.

All the quotes I have chosen today  focus on the power of a genuine and warm  Smile 🙂


A stress buster and a powerful tool to help us tide through many challenges in life, a smile is a curve that sets everything right. Extremely contagious and infectious it just wipes away the frown from people’s faces. We are always incomplete without our smile.

Recently I watched a reality singing show on TV. One of the participants from a very humble background was always sad and never ever smiled. The biggest challenge was to get him to smile at least once. As the show progressed, with the encouragement of many, he gradually opened up to the sincere warmth of the people. Getting infected with the smile bug, changed his personality. That happiness reflected in his singing too. He progressed leaps and bounds from a sad and serious faced singer to one brimming with confidence. He was the runner up in the finale.

Smile and the world will smile with you. 🙂

So Be Happy and  Keep Smiling 🙂 🙂

My nominations are :

  1. Divya
  2. Gloria
  3. Ratika

Thanks and Happy Blogging !

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