G – Gloomy Winter!

A to Z challenge : Nature and I

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Some find the bleary monotone of the placid winter very depressing. They feel stifled under the gloomy alabaster blanket. Bare branches burdened under the weight of the snow, the whining wind blowing with piercing bite of chill, hazy outlines against a misty backdrop, the sun doing the disappearing act, dampens their spirits.

But there is so much more happening under the frosty panorama. Things are on a hibernating mode during this cold season. Sitting indoors within the warmth of my cozy room, I indulge in frozen conversations with myself. I watch the snowfall out of my window. They swirl and pirouette with poise, before falling to the ground. They melt without a worry, accepting the law of the nature with grace. Winter showcases beauty in monochrome. To me it speaks in its hushed silence, nudging me to “just be”. It’s a time to be quiet and ruminate.

Winter forms our character and brings out our best – Tim Allen

The earth moves on unflinchingly on its course heralding a change in season. The first rays of spring thaw the frozen rhapsody, spurt tender green sprouts, before a burst of blooms adorn the landscape. Likewise, the thoughts ideate within me, to finally emerge brimming with vigor. Slowing down, definitely gives me an impetus to growth. Winter is a season for reflection, recovery, perseverance and rebuilding.

lingering season

the white winter solitude

confetti of thoughts


Wanderlust Tales

Away from the mediocrity of life

the call of nature tugs my nomadic heart

to tread the lonely path, deep into the unblemished locales.

I escape from the ordinary,

letting the wings of freedom carry me into the wilderness.

Tall primeval trees stand on snow clad ground

whispering stories of silent loneliness.

In isolation of my sanctuary, feelings pour out,

the letters soak in the essence of nature’s hues

 thaw those emotions on to the paper.

 I script the trail of my journey, the wanderlust tales!

Sadje’s WDYS prompt

Reena’s Xploration Challenge prompt 221

Haibun – Winter Glory!

I look out of the window and I am mesmerised by the sight that beholds me. My eyes feast on an expanse of pearly opulence, studded with iridescent streaks. The snow clad serrated peaks, reflect in a contemplative mood. A rainbow ribbon swirl, wraps the billowy clouds to form an enigmatic pattern in the twilight sky. Its prismatic reflection gleams on the lake. The icy winds hum a frosty tune, lining the landscape with crystalline confetti. Beams of silver moonlight make a glistening motif on earth’s alabaster bosom. Nature’s heartbeat echoes, in all its resplendent winter glory.

icy spectacle

the winter mural enthrals

nature’s grandeur

Eugi’s weekly prompt – Winter


green bench covered with snow
Vidar Nordli Mathisen@unsplash

Autumnal hues fade

seasonal baton exchanged,

bleak dreary act unfolds

 gentle snowflakes cascade

kiss the earth in hushed tones

burying the winters whisper

in absolute white silence.

The melancholy numbs the poetic musings

 frigid ink stares at the blank pages

frosty madness eclipses sanity

awaits the arrival of spring,

to thaw the frozen thoughts.

Sidlak – Snowfall!


The grey skies

shower crisp snowflakes

swirling in gay abandon

ushers in the winter carnival

enveloping the earth in white confetti.

Merry Christmas to all 🎅

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem ( no restriction on syllables) or the feelings of the writer.



The air pregnant with the northern winds

embraces the earth with a shivering hug

kisses the dull morning sky with a misty spell

under the blanket of the opaque fog.

A witness to this winter morning ritual

the coy and shy flowers smile tenderly

the gentle rays of the sun peeking

through the stale grey clouds

creating gleaming patterns of mosaic

on the landscape painted in a monochrome.

Buried greenery, frosted pathways

lashing winds, chattering teeth,

smoky conversations and frozen whispers,

It’s time to enjoy the seasonal beauty

that winter brings along!


In response to daily prompt : Conversation

Tanka – Stark & Trap

To use only their synonym in any form of poetry. In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry prompt #61.


Desolate and bald

the net of desertion fails

the lone tree stands tall

amid a blanket of snow

certain of sprouting  afresh!


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