Solo Driving Expedition!


Wanting to learn driving, I enrolled myself in a driving school. Well the month long class was great, and I felt confident of driving around on my own. Next couple of times, I drove around for short distances with husband by my side, guiding me and giving me the much required support and confidence. Well finally the day arrived when I had to take the car out all by myself.

With my heartbeat racing, nervous but telling myself that I could do it, I set out.  The drive was pretty decent for a first timer after an initial jerky start. By the time I arrived at my destination, I was feeling really happy about how I drove.

After completing my work, I got back into the car and started off.  I had  just got onto a flyover and saw that there was a massive line-up of vehicles, literally bumper to bumper. The traffic was moving at snail’s pace. Now the panic mode set in. All my confidence and feel good factor vanished into thin air! I could only inch forward, constantly oscillating between the clutch and break. When I tried to go ahead the car would move back as I was on an incline. I don’t know how many times I chanted a prayer to the Lord, pleading him to get me out of the traffic snarl. Maybe He did hear my prayer. I somehow did manage to come out of the mayhem unscathed but sweating profusely because of the tension. The drive on that flyover which normally takes a couple of minutes, took almost 45 minutes. You could imagine my ordeal.  What a relief it was reach back home without a mishap. I offered a heartfelt thank you to God for bailing me out of the mess.

This  was many years ago. Have been driving ever since.  Now when I look back at it, I smile at my nervous yet successful first time solo driving expedition!

In response to the daily prompt : Nervous

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