Sun n Sea – A Harmony!

Eastern sky glistens

the dreamy sea slumbers on

indolent waves ebb


golden sunshine smiles

sun-drenched tides unfurl magic

turquoise melange


emits a bright trail

kisses the western skyline

lulls the blue expanse


oceanic tides

weaves an endless saga of

cadenced harmony!





Song of Nature!


Verdant patches of lush foliage greet me,

on a drive across the countryside

the landscape adorns itself

in boundless hues of green

the once dusty wilted stems

paled under the scorching heat

now comes alive.

Soaked and satiated,

the trees swing in gay abandon.

The showers from heavenly skies

grace the earth with magic, as

the rains sing a pleasant melody

called the song of nature!




IMG_20160205_084343                                      IMG_20160205_084349


This morn, at the crack of dawn

I was woken up by a sound so rare

I sat up wondering, from where?

Following the sound, I found,

A sight that left me spell-bound,

Sitting on the ledge, out of the blue

Was someone special, guess who?

A little bird, you might have seen

In the days of yore, not so any more,

A  sparrow, so cute and tiny

Calling to its friends, not too many.

Its chirpy little song, delighted me for long,

I hope you  visit me tomorrow too,

O sweet little sparrow!


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