Dandelion, Umbrella, Flying, Blow, Wish You, Desire

You applaud my triumphs, accept my failures

calm the ripples of my mind,  lay my apprehensions to rest

show me the ray of light peeping in through the darkness.


You read me like a book, with a perfect understanding

of the layers of my emotion, edit a few false impressions I infer

help me fill in some blank spaces.


You bring sanity to my chaotic mind,

 let me be, love me for who I am.

 truly blessed to have You in my life!


I am sure many of you have that one special “You “ in your lives……he/she may be a parent, spouse, friend or a sibling with whom you can relate this poem to.

Who is that You in your life?


Mr. Perfect!

Your persona radiates positive vibes

infusing optimism all the way

Your warm smile spreads sunshine

in whose glory I bask each day

You carry an aura of happiness

which is so infectious

Your eyes evoke honesty

a virtue so rare today

You remain unfazed

by the ups and downs of life

You are a perfect example

of patience personified

I am blessed, for you keep me secure

in the abode of your loving heart!




Soul Mate

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Unconditional and absolute is your fountain of love

With sprinkles of care, warmth and respect

I feel so ecstatic to drown in its perennial flow.

When the skies dress up, to a dull gloomy grey

Your dazzling smile brightens my day

With a splash of rainbow hues.

The magic of your love paints

My heart, a scarlet red

The fragrant colour of which lingers all day long.

Treading the milestones in this journey of life

Metamorphoses into an enchanting one

With you as my soul mate.

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