Sounds of Nature!

The trill of the cicadas

gurgle of the brook,

buzz of the insects,

 howl of the winds,

rustle of the leaves,

lashing of the rains,

 roar of the thunder,

 rumble of the waves,

 chirp of the birds,

 plop of the raindrop,

the music rendered by

nature’s orchestra

doesn’t need a conductor

 acoustics, fusion, melody blend seamlessly

as each artist plays in perfect symphony

to create a soul swaying rendition!


Musical Ecstasy!


A slender humble bamboo stick,

hollow within, embellished with tiny holes

every breath infuses the note

with a balmy resonance.

Deft fingers sway in a mystic rhythm

conceiving a classical sound,

a divine melody emanates

the ears soak in the musical euphony

the soul revels in the

mesmeric redemption,

when the lips kiss the flute!



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