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Bewitched by the heady concoction of glamour, fame and money

the lure of filmdom attracts aspiring youngsters.

Sparkling glitterati wrap their aspirations with allure of the stars.

 Masquerades, veil the predatory instincts of the powerful men

often, eclipse the rise of budding talent into oblivion,

their heart burdened by the remnants of crumpled promises and fractured dreams.

Sadje’s WDYS #126

Tanka -Starry Date!


Love, Romantic, Romantic Night, Romance, CoupleRoyal splendor beams

an effulgent elegance

dazzles the night sky

sparkling  conversations flow

amorous hearts celebrate

Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge : Night Sky

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Elegance





The starlit night sky..


Living in the city, I am used to the harsh glare of the neon lights. Above the bright lights, the night sky paints such an insipid, dull picture in monochrome.  The stars seem to be in hiding under a blanket of a smoky veil. They fail to sparkle to their full potential. I always felt that the star studded night sky could only be seen in movies or books. But this picture changed a few years back. Let me recount that sparkling beauty of the starry night I witnessed.

A few years ago, we had been to a temple located in the interior parts of Karnataka. Nestled amidst the nature’s flora and fauna, the temple resonated a spiritual aura.  There were cottages for the visitors to stay. Basic necessities, religious fervour and simple food defined the life there. It gave one a chance to connect with the lord and disconnect with the chaos of the city 😉

We retired to our cottages in the night after a modest meal, simple yet so tasty. We had just gone to bed when the power went off. Being quite hot indoors, we decided to sit outside till the power came back.

Stepping out, the warm summer breeze, the natural woody fragrance of the forest trees, loud chirps of the insects nearby in the quiet of the night, greeted us. We sat there on the porch, being lulled in mother nature’s lap. The ambiance was such a contrast to the din of the city.  A look up at the night sky left us in awe.

Never had I experienced the beauty of the velvety blackness of the starlit sky. Like tiny glowing snowflakes they filled in the entire expanse. It appeared as if the sky had covered itself with a glittering blanket. Constellations which I had seen only in the books, were magically up in the sky.  I just sat there gazing at the shimmering night canvas, soaking in its brilliant beauty, enjoying the starry music and watching the celestial twinkling dance of the twinkling stars.

Time stood still under that beautiful starry night. The picture of the luminous starlit sky is still painted fresh in my mind. I am sure many of you have been lucky enough to witness the beauty of the starlit night sky. Do paint the picture through your words, of a mesmerising starry night you experienced.




The azure sky, feeling very lonely all day long decided to primp herself. The air was damp and fragrant from the shower she had .She chose a crimson velvety evening gown. She did her make up with care.  Amethyst blush on, grey eyeliner, burgundy lipstick made her look ravishing. She put on her sparkling star studded tiara on her open silken black tresses, just in time as her beau the luminescent moon came in. An evening of intimate conversation ensued amidst the glitterati of celestial constellations.

In response to the daily prompt : Primp

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All are cordially invited to a celestial party with the stars


The night sky glitters with millions of stars

decked up in all  their heavenly finery

some twinkling while others glowing

sparkling conversations flow

dazzling smiles invite

all partying and dancing

in the celestial arena

to the whispers of cool breeze!!

In response to the daily prompt : Millions

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