With a  whir  the motor boat spurts into life

excitement and smiles drawn on the faces

the waters whispering secrets to the heart

embracing all in a blanket of serene tranquility!


The eyes feast on its calm blue persona

the lens all set to capture its alluring beauty

the cool sea breeze caresses the body

initiates  a conversation with the gentle waves!



“Putt putt” stutters the engine to an inert state

the motor seems to have died an untimely death

the wait for the rescue boat to arrive is a long one

stranded right in the middle of the blue expanse!


The hot afternoon sun blazing in all its glory

the water gleaming golden under its gaze

unwanted thoughts torment the mind

takes refuge in prayers to dispel the fear!


An hour long wait seems like eternity,

the rescue boat bringing in a sigh of relief

the ride back  in silence and reflection

offering gratitude for a safe docking at the port.


This actually happened to us at Chilka lake in Orissa  which covers an area of over 1000 sq. kms.We spent some anxious time stranded in the middle of the huge water body. Have you ever been stranded at any place? Do share your experience.


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