At Peace!

The warm breeze carries moist salinity of the endless sea,

the hues of the receding sun begins its final dance across the horizon,

choreographing each movement with graceful swirls.

As dusk ambles across the skyline with a sublime gait

leaving a trail of scarlet dreams,

I sit by the shore watching this celestial spectacle unfold.

Just as the broody clouds pale against its luminous crimson glow

my stress from the chaotic day releases,

bringing an untold sense of calm to my weary mind.

Sadje’s WDYS #99


Leap of Faith!

The corporate world beckoned me with propitious propositions

with a cache of dreams, wrapped with sincere efforts

I embarked on the journey in earnest pursuit,

the promise of a bright future, calling out loud.

With time, the grooves of stress deepened

harried life style became a way of life

 work life balance, was on a precarious edge

frustrated sighs detonated to anguished screams.

Reflecting on the aftermath of an emotional detritus

I collected the scattered fragments of myself.

Infused with a renewed vigor to start afresh,

I tread on the road less traveled, with a leap of faith!

Sadje’s WDYS #86

Gratitude & Prayer!


Since World war II, we haven’t been impacted by a situation as serious as what we are facing today, at a global level. Corona has altered our lives beyond imagination.

Many countries across the world have announced lock downs and curfews. Borders, flights, offices, everything except essentials have been shut down to contain the spread of virus. While the government has constantly reassured that it is taking adequate measures to contain the pandemic, people are getting paranoid. With no clue as to how long the situation may drag on, there is a sense of fear prevalent among the masses.

Confined within homes, we have come to realize how much we depend on a chain of people who ensure the smooth functioning of a society. Each one like a piece of jigsaw puzzle fits in, to complete the picture. We all work in tandem, complementing each other and completing the loop. But there is one sector of workers whose value or importance we as a society have always undermined. They are the sanitary workers, sweepers and cleaners. Given the shutdown orders, we have a skeletal housekeeping staff for a huge apartment complex. So garbage pickup and cleaning is now being done on alternate days. With no maids too, the entire family is chipping in to help with household chores. It’s only now that people realize the things and luxuries that we take for granted. It’s time we acknowledge their service with gratitude.

After decades today a pause button has been pressed in our otherwise hurried lifestyle.

Let’s take this moment to acknowledge and appreciate all who directly or indirectly contribute in making our lives better.

Let’s channelize our minds to  remain positive, join hands in prayer for the world to enter into a healing mode.

Pain, fear, experiences and overwhelming situations are great teachers in life.

Let’s hope that this challenging time, makes man emerge, a better human being!

Stay safe, stay blessed!



Hakuna Matata – Means no worry!

Have you ever thrown a stone into a tranquil lake and observed the ripples it creates? I am sure many of us have done that. Worrying creates ripples of anxiety and tension in our minds. The mind likes to anchor itself to the known and predictable. Since it is unable to envisage the future, it sets sail in the ocean of worries often having to deal with rough weather in the form of negative energies.

“Worrying is a total waste of time. It doesn’t change anything. All it does is steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing. “

Worrying or getting tense was something that used to come so easily to me that it almost became second nature to me. Being the perfectionist that I am, I would endlessly think about the outcome of a particular issue and start my worrying timer with “what if”? The list of questions that followed this simple “what if” was never ending. My sister always teased me” Like a rat which digs out the mud to make a hole for itself, you keep digging out issues to worry about!”

I knew this was definitely not a good trait, and I had to do something about it.

Luckily for me, my husband has a very practical and pleasant demeanour. He does not believe in making friendship with “Mr. Worries”! His constant counselling and support helped me a great deal in breaking my long and passionate affair with worrying.  I now feel more positive and relaxed.

Some pointers which help to let go the worry syndrome:

  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Meditate
  • Address the problem
  • Learn to let go

Doesn’t this flow chart below explain it so beautifully?


I have stopped worrying about many issues and challenges that come up in everyday life and have learnt to cross the bridge when I reach there. If there is something to be done……I do it, if it is beyond my limits just leave it at “His “feet!!

Being romantic at heart, I have now gotten into a new affair with happiness now, but my husband doesn’t mind it at all 😉 In the meanwhile let’s sing the beautiful song Hakuna Matata – Means no worry!!

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