Poem Published!


I am so happy to share that my poem “Nature’s Grandeur” has been published in Spillwords.

Please click here to read it.


Sounds of Solitude!

V. J’s weekly challenge: ” What pulls on your soul?”

Away from the rut of the mundane

as the wandering thoughts settle,

clouds of chaos dissipate

when all the noise is silenced,

I sit alone by the sparkling blue ocean

watching the tidal waves ebb,

soaking me with candid conversations,

washing away my wistful woes.

The nascent rays of dawn

usher in a promise of hope.

I hear their unspoken words.

 The sublime sounds of solitude

wrap my soul in a tranquil embrace.


In response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge : Post photographs of alphabet words having both r and s.

Street! Now isn’t this a perfect street to take a stroll by the sea, with the blue sky and serene waves for company?
Stray dogs enjoying their afternoon siesta!
Sunrise, heralding a new day, gifting us a “today” to be alive to each moment of it!
Rusted, but not routed 😉
Ruins, do you hear my story?
Seashore, Ah! But I don’t see anyone selling sea shells by the seashore…

Photography – Sun will come out tomorrow!

Lens Artists Photo challenge #122 hosted by Ana

Dark clouds of disappointment looms large

 tears get camouflaged in the rains

the sombre sky sings a melancholic tune.

But fret not O mind! For I know

tomorrow, a ray of hope peeps in at dawn

ushering in a promise of a new day

drying the tears and painting the clouds white

as the sun embraces the horizon

the world smiles under its dazzling glow.

Outskirts of Bangalore
Ashtamudi, Kerala
Munnar, Kerala
Himalayan range, Uttarakhand
Puri, Odisha

Haiku – Dawn!


Prairie, River, Stream, Curved, Sunset, Sunrise, Nature

First blush of glimmer

bids farewell to dapper night

the crimson skies kiss


Balmy radiance

gently cascades touching life

luminous magic


V.J’s weekly challenge #106 : Touch

Eugi’s weekly prompt: Magic


New Beginnings…

In response to sue’s  Thursday photo prompt.

pic: Sue Vincent

The curtains unveil as the

majestic star makes a grand entry

The artistic amalgam of the

blushing crimson and the golden glow

paints a surreal picture

the gentle zephyr hums a celestial melody

awakens the mortals from their reverie

its radiant rays illuminates bright

quells the echoes of the dark mind,

ushers in an euphoria of a new day

showers blessings of hope,

with a promise to bury the sorrows of yesterday

and replace it with new beginnings.







WPC – Rise/Set

In response to weekly photo challenge rise/set


The rising orb spins around

announces the divine birth of dawn

a scarlet blush behind the illuminated clouds

the darkness gently surrenders

to the ethereal glow of the golden rays

with a promise of a new day ahead!


Its time for dusk to enter

the horizon paints bold strokes

vermillion red and marmalade orange

dominate the celestial skies

dark curtains fall across the expanse

readying the stage for the magical moon!


Sunrise at the beach!

Early dawn enrobed in a misty cloak

letting out a yawn in lazy slumber

under the cool winter breeze

the pale blue waves ebb to the shore

deserted catamarans dance

to the rhythm of the tidal swell.

The horizon readying to welcome

the brightest star in all its glory

beckoning the birds to rise

and play their chirpy melody.

Streaming sunlight casts its rays

the sea turns to a crimson blush

they shimmer in a perfect union

to usher in a glorious day!

Daily Prompt – Surreal


I left my friends in their slumber world and trekked along the path. I hadn’t driven miles into nature to miss the beautiful sunrise. I was happy I took that decision, for the sight that welcomed me was surreal. The twilight was fading away to make way for the golden rays of the sun seeping in through the misty landscape. The crimson rays enveloped and caressed the entire panorama with all its love and warmth. The bird’s chirp added a melody to the graceful sway of the dew drops on the leaves. My heart fluttered to the silky touch of the petals dancing in gay abandon in the morning breeze. I watched the meandering butterflies whispering secret messages to the flowers. I sat there in a trance, mesmerised by the magic of the mystical morning. A sense of euphoria engulfed me as I marvelled at the handiwork of nature!

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