The art of listening!


Sculpture, Bronze, The Listening, Listen To, To Listen

Conversations flow

tongues wag

soft whispers

loud banters

everyone is busy

exercising their mouth

but who is listening?

Ears seem to be

an ornamental piece

in the face….

It seems to have

forgotten its function,

the art of listening!

Today, if you have noticed people always want their voice to be heard, but lack the patience to listen. Effective or active listening like other precious traits is becoming a rarity.  They ask a question and do not have the willingness or the ear to hear you out.

Parents don’t give a conscious ear to their child’s small talks, as their phones keep them busy,  the husband is busy watching an interesting match to lend a patient hearing to his wife, the colleague is busy working on a presentation when you speak, friends cut you through as you talk….. am sure many of you can relate to these scenarios.

Today, the art of actively listening is becoming a lost virtue. Do you agree?



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