The king of Street Food – Pani Puri*

Pani Puri, Spicy, Fresh, Homemade, Street Food, Chats

Deep fried crepes, all puffed up crisp,

with a fragile vulnerable layer on top.

A gentle tap of the finger on it,

pierces and prepares it to welcome

an amalgam of mashed potatoes, boiled chickpeas

drenched in a pool of minty tamarind water,

seasoned with an array of emotional spices.

In goes the loaded globule, into the salivating mouth

waiting in earnest, to experience zesty sensations.

The eclectic mix of spicy, acidic flavors seep in,

 the palate savors delectable ecstasy.

Appetence vanquishes control,

the relay of gorging on this gastronomical indulgence continues,

till it reaches a gustatory nirvana!

  • *Pani puri is a popular Indian street food. You can read more about it here.

Written for dVerse poetics : Food


Gustatory Indulgence!

The pack of freshly baked donuts on the table,

entice me with their alluring flavors,

delighting my senses with heavenly aroma.

Classic, cinnamon and coffee work their magic on me,

 as my will power melts under their saccharine glaze.

I succumb to the temptation of a sinful indulgence.

I gently pick up one, inhaling its flavorsome redolence.

The sugary sprinkles peck my lips, with a flirtatious tease.

A bite into the soft glazed buns, leaves me in raptures.

I revel in the tantalizing effect it has on my taste buds.

Satiated, my mouth drools a dulcet harmony.

Well, I guess I am forgiven

for committing adultery with my diet plan.

It was after all, just a onetime scrumptious affair!

Sadje’s WDYS # 103

Reena’s Xploration challenge # 202

The “T” Party!

Buffet, Gourmet, Dinner, Catering, Restaurant, Meal

This is an absolute fun post. Very different from my usual style of writing. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

It was quite late into the night by the time Tina finished reading the book “Alice in Wonderland.”

Letting out a yawn, soon she fell asleep. A wave of dreamy wand transported her to a fantasy world. She found herself in a majestic palace. Intrigued, she began exploring the place. Hearing the music play in one of the rooms, she went in the direction and peeped into the hall. She was surprised at the sight she saw.

Welcome to Tasty’s T party. If your name begins with T just walk in!” ,read the banner.

Confetti’s, balloons and festoons adorned the hall. Hey! But look… All the food items there had come alive, singing and dancing.

Tina stood there watching in awe. She was let in as her name began with the letter T.

Tea and Toast made a perfect pair

Tuna and Trout tempura were fiery

Thyme and Tarragon spiced up the party

Turkey and Tofu blended well

Turmeric and Tamarind curried a gravy

Tortillas and Taco wrapped up fillings together

Turnip and Tapioca were the odd ones out

Tahini and Tabasco sauced up starters

Tomatoes and Tangerines tangoed together

Tuxedo and Tequila were in high spirits

Toffee and Tart were the all-time favorites


Trifle and Tiramisu were crowned the dessert queens!

Ah… The ambrosial array of flavors tickled and tantalized her taste buds.

But sadly, the trill of the alarm transported Tina back to her bed!

V.J’s weekly challenge #108 : Taste



I unwrap the colourful wrapper

to catch a glimpse of the perfectly shaped

assortment of classic beauties.

The dark ones and the milky deep browns

white silky creme’s  and bitter sweet ones.

As my eyes admire its smooth texture

I can feel my mouth salivating in anticipation.

Excitedly I dig into a generous bite.

Melting in the mouth

to a tantalizing burst of flavours,

there is a deluge of  supreme rapture.

The feeling of heavenly lusciousness lingers,

the temptation to indulge in one more

of this sinfully desirous relish is overwhelming

and I meekly submit to it!




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