Random Musing – A Peek into the Future!

Anna Loenenko@unsplash

The rapid technological strides, paints bold strokes of change,

of the world that may be, in the times to come.

Flux of artificial living, incarcerates all things natural.

Emotions ossified by automated wiring of the heart

 bereft of feelings, nonchalant cryptic conversations ensue,

measured capsules, replace warm home cooked food.

Thoughts of people audible through a scan,

robotic intelligence commands erudite brains,

human touch lynched by technology.

Man, lives on a programmed existence.

A century from now, way of life may be unfathomable!


Will we take it to our grave?

While technology has helped mankind beyond imagination, it has also robbed us of our time. Have you noticed that despite most work getting done at the click of a button today, we hardly have any time for ourselves or our family, unlike earlier days?  The small mobile has replaced practically every aspect of our lives. We are prisoners within our “cell” phones. The level of servitude has risen to such alarming heights, that we’ll probably want our phones to be buried with us, in our graves too…. We had a peaceful past, are having a disconnected present and probably will have a grave future as technology invades into each living moment of our life!

Disconnected man

the digital enslavement

hauntingly scary

Sadje’s WDYS prompt# 122

An Unusual Bond!

Image credit; Sasint @ Pixabay

He connected her, to her children living in faraway lands

She showed him a life without connecting to the gadgets.

He taught her fun games to play online,

She introduced him to actual games they played as kids.

He ordered delicacies from fancy restaurant for her,

She cooked delicious home goodies for him.

He took her on a virtual tour of exotic places

She walked him to the hidden treasures of the village.

He played her favorite songs on his laptop

She sang soothing lullabies to him.

He brought the world at her doorstep with technology

She told him about her world without it.

Thus, an unusual friendship developed between

the young lad with busy parents at work

and an old woman with children far away at work!

Sadje’s WDYS #110


Letter writing was an art in itself. People who were fortunate to be a part of the pre digital time, would appreciate the joy of writing and receiving letters. Sadly like many other things, today it is buried in the folds of changing times.

Digital connect dominates the world today. While it is a quick and easy medium of communication, is steals the emotions attached with letters.

I am trying to bring out this comparison in my twin haiku below.

purple flowers on paper
Debby Hudson@unspalsh

Calligraphy inks

feelings crafted on paper

the words came alive

person using smartphone
Christian Wiediger@unspalsh

Instant messaging

static words pop on the screen

emojis galore

Lost Emotional Quotient!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #165

Look closely at the pictures above. Choose one or more, and think what are they doing together. Will they remain entwined or go their own way? Was their act or intent good or evil? Could they do whatever they planned to do together, or fell apart?

I have chosen the 3rd picture – The human hand and that of a robot for this challenge.

Man, the most intelligent species,

created artificial intelligence,

stepping into innovative technological frontiers,

taking automation to dizzying heights.

Breathing in greyscale monotony,

he put  life into chromed metal bodies.

With a system of inputs, circuits and codes

programmed to perfection,

Robots, obeying his every command

be it compute, abort, destroy…

performing each task with finesse.

With its heart full of wires, bereft of feelings,

the vitals of emotional connect seems missing.

In today’s environment,

Is man becoming his own creation?

Old vs New!

For Linda’s SoCs

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “new/old.” Use either or both of the words “new and old” any way you’d like. Bonus points for starting and ending with either one. Have fun!

Patrick Hendry @ unsplash

Old traditions die as modernity takes over

Old technology fades as new ones erase their entity

Old structures demolished as sky scrapers change the landscape

Old healthy food habits replaced by new instant junk

Old sustainable living dislodged to the new concept of use and throw

Old repository of minimalistic approach to life conquered by the new materialistic culture

Why can’t we blend the best of the old and new to create balanced habitat?


In response to Kat’s twittering tale#159, to write a tale in 280 characters or less on the given pic prompt.

Photo by Pexels at Pixabay.com

The initial few years of marriage was bliss for Ron and Uma. Slowly Ron got sucked into the virtual web, that he found it impossible to come out of it. Unable to continue a life with him, Uma filed for a divorce on the grounds that he had turned a “technoholic”!

Letter count :265

Do you agree….?

In today’s world, technology has made inroads into every household and is indispensable. While one can’t deny its myriad benefits, to use it wisely is something we need to learn. Like quicksand we are getting sucked into its web, ignoring a life beyond it. In many cases it is taking a toll on our social and personal life. Lets work towards keeping it a boon and before it turns into a bane!



The mobile…


The old alarm clock, all keyed

would wake me up with a shrill

without an option of a snooze

now, my mobile does it!


The camera loaded with a roll

a willing companion on all holidays

met with an untimely death,

thanks to the mobile.


The library was a haven

to satiate the questioning mind

books were man’s best friend

now, the mobile answers it all!


Indulgence in shopping

was a rare extravaganza

a well planned outing

Now, my mobile shops for me from home!


Squeals of delight on

getting my first calculator

still echo in my ears

now, my mobile has replaced it!


Back then, kids were always outdoors

with the lazy noon spent

playing board games

but now they have the mobiles!


Accompanying dad to the bank

standing in the queue

to get the job done

now, it’s all on the mobile.


Meeting with family and friends

was a favourite pastime

today its only a virtual connect

which the mobile does!


My world was a beautiful balance

of people, things and activities

but now,

my world is my mobile !!


Isn’t it true that in a matter of a decade the mobile has revolutionised our lifestyle and laid to rest so many of the simpler gadgets which were an integral part of our lives?


Disconnect to Connect


Some time back we were on our way to Manali, a beautiful hill station in North India.  The fresh and cool morning breeze awoke me from my slumber. I was enamoured by the picturesque locales .Soon the driver stopped the bus at a roadside café for a quick bite and tea. We all got off the bus, stretching our weary body from the nights travel, went on to freshen up and grab a quick bite. The view of the valley from there was breathtakingly beautiful. We ordered for some tea and sat down to savour the cool breeze and watching the kaleidoscope of colours painting the sky from tones of grey to pink and then bright crimson, as if rolling out a red carpet for the sun to make a grand entry. There was a  nip in the air, sounds of the birds chirping, wild bright mountain flowers swaying to the breeze, butterflies fluttering by……it was picture perfect in the lap of nature.

Looking around at my fellow passengers also waiting for their breakfast to arrive, I was surprised to see that except for a couple of people, most others were glued to their phones. I thought to myself, “Haven’t they come here to be away from the hectic hustle bustle of city life? So instead of soaking in every breath of the beauty of nature, why are they still glaring at their phone? “The sheer idea of coming out on a holiday, I felt was defeated.

It set me thinking……Are we becoming a generation of cell phone addicts?

Have we got ourselves embroiled in a technological mess? Yes I fully concur that technology has made our lives far easier but, it has also made us its slaves. Be it at a restaurant, movie theatre, hospital, bus stop, traffic light or any other place, it is very common to find people staring into their phone. Their lives are totally wired 24/7. Emails, gaming, chatting, shopping you name it, all are constantly hooked on to it.

Friends giving updates about every second of their life and posting it online, people living in the same house yet having only virtual conversations.…..don’t you think that it is an alarming trend? Have you observed that people feel incoherent without their phones?

We have enough research to validate the ill effects of excessive use of phones. Not only adults but children too have been caught in its web. It is a worldwide phenomenon, not just restricted to our country. We have become zombies with a phone in our hands.

Time has been a witness that any resource or invention, when used beyond its limit has negative repercussions. To have a life filled with love and warmth of people, we need to draw a line on our usage of the phone.

Let’s follow the motto of “Disconnect to connect” to make our life more meaningful and complete.

A penny for your thought:  “Can you stay without your phone at least for a day?”

Would love to know…….


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