Celebration Time!

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This morning brought a pleasant news for me. A message from WordPress reminded the forgetful me, that it is my blog’s 4th anniversary.

Well, I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast since my first post.  My journey from an absolute novice, to now, has been an enriching one. It’s been a privilege to read the works of some amazing writers here. All of you have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me. My learning and growth embodies a reflection of you all. (I am still work in progress, though 🙂 ).

Thanks to your encouragement, I published my maiden book of poetry and haiku titled “Eclectic Verses” (available on amazon). My writings are simple, from the heart. It is the love of my readers that has helped me tide this far.

I am truly grateful for all the support, likes, comments and encouragement from my readers from across the globe. You have been my lifeline, helping me stay afloat in the ocean of blogosphere. I am glad to have such a diverse set of readers. There are the loyalists, who comment on each of my posts, (eternally indebted to them), the occasional peepers, who drop by sometimes, the silent likers, the wholesale likers (who like a dozen or more posts, at one go in a jiffy ;-)). No matter who you are, I am genuinely thankful to each one of you.  Each like and comment still carries the same joy, as the first one.

Melange of thoughts waft by

fall as contours of ink on a page

words fill them with color

to etch them in this vast expanse

giving them, an eternal identity!

Before I sign off, I would like to understand from you, what is the one thing about my writing that makes you come back to read it?

Once again a big thank you to one and all. Stay safe and stay blessed.





A to Z Challenge – Reflections!

“And suddenly you know………It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings!”

That’s precisely what made me accept the A to Z challenge this year, and I am truly glad I undertook this challenge. Before embarking on it, I did have a fair bit of apprehension and doubted my ability to hold the readers interest for all the 26 letters of the alphabet. The theme I chose was “Kaleidoscope of thoughts”! I tried something new and different with each letter, yet getting them to reflect my thoughts and personality.

Looking back, I can smile with a sense of accomplishment. Each tiny step successfully taken, is progressing ahead in the right direction. This journey was filled with learning, awe and meeting some splendid bloggers from across the globe! The plethora of content I got to read was phenomenal. Be it fiction, poetry, photography, travel chronicles, impromptu writings, I was absolutely impressed with the ideas and the variety I got to read! I Would like to congratulate all the bloggers who successfully swam through the challenge.


And I am happy I tried. Thank you all for the constant support you have given me all through the month. Your feedback and likes kept me motivated.

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Award Free Blog


A big thank you to all my wonderful fellow bloggers for all the awards you nominated me  for, during my journey in the blogosphere. It has been an absolute honour and I enjoyed doing each one of them.

As I have got a fair share of awards to my credit, I would like to make my blog “An award free blog” so that more newcomers get a chance to bask in the glory of the beautiful awards.

Your feedback and acknowledgement go a long way in keeping me motivated. Do keep them coming. Gratitude for all the support you have bestowed on me 🙂



You have made 100 posts on radhikasreflection

A kaleidoscope of thoughts,

traversing my finite brain,

my words dress them up,

to whet my creative appetite

and showcase before you!

These thoughts have today scored a century!

Reaching a milestone always brings a smile not only to your face but to your soul as well. It allows you to bask in the blanket of happiness. That’s exactly how I felt on getting to know that I have so far posted a 100 posts on WP on my blog of eight months.

A person who always wanted to share her thoughts and reflections with the world, I have had the most fascinating journey so far. From a small seed of thought in my mind, my writing has now sprouted into a young sapling which wants to grow into a big strong tree and spread its branches far.

The growth from the seed to the sapling has been possible with the care and warmth all of you in the WP family have showered on my blog. You have tended to it with care, watering it and giving it ample sunshine through your warm comments.

I hope that my posts continue to bring in the whiff of fresh air to brighten your day. A heartfelt gratitude to all my readers for their continued support  ❤ 🙂





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