Healing Sea!

ic: Akshay Premjith@ pixabay

Fractured dreams lie scattered

pathos looms large

over whelming emotions of life ebb

raucous din reverberates.


As I walk on the sandy shores at morn

timeless whispers of the undulating waves

play a song ,

the consonance of the tides

ring in a reflective melody.


I watch my footprints in the sands of time,

to realize, my illusionary myopic worries

seem to be a minuscule speck,

in the expansive vastness.


The damp redolence of saline breeze

cleanse my emotional core

washing away the chaotic cache,

filling me with propitious vigor!


V.J’s weekly challenge: MorningV.J’s weekly challenge: Morning

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Song

Sadje’s :What do you see challenge # 20



Alphabet Q – Quiet Moments

A to Z Challenge


Hectic, stressful, chaotic, challenging, mundane, exciting, frenzied are some of the words I am sure many of us use to describe our lifestyle. Running behind deadlines, achieving targets, paying bills, friends and families, we’ve all become experts at multitasking! Always on the move we seem to have forgotten to take a breather, relax to enjoy those quiet moments.

While unfortunately our life is very fast paced, we can steal in some quiet moments to recharge ourselves. The quiet moments with nature is truly therapeutic.

Break away from the stress

tune into nature’s rhythm

serene prescription!

( The above is a Haiku to enjoy the quiet moments)

Sharing a few pictures of the mesmerizing nature which is a panacea for relaxing the tired mind!



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