Painting Poetry!

Girl, Window, Beauty, Hands, Dreamy, Flashback, Thinks

I sit by the window with a cup of coffee

 watching my thoughts meander.

In gay abandon, they drift like the wispy dandelions,

scattering fragments across the cascading beams of the morning rays,

across the wooded trail,

ruffling the russet autumn leaves into a gaily prance,

kissing the honeyed petals bright,

splashing around in the cool gurgling brook.

Infused with the scents of nature,

I collect my thoughts with tender love.

The white paper waits in anticipation

for the words from my quill

to paint a poetic portrait of verses.

dVerse open night link hosted by Linda.


Close All Tab!

The spotlight focuses on

an ensemble of ideas, incomplete tasks and memories,

that take center stage without an invite,

blaring their discordant voices.

With a conscious effort, I scat them away one by one,

much to my dismay, a multitude of others pop up.

The plethora of thoughts vying for attention

reverberates to a cacophonic din, unsettling my sanity.

I wish I had a CLOSE ALL tab in my brain

to shut down and restart it again!

Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 209


Woman Using Laptop

Ideas tussle to come forth, jostling for my attention. But busyness keeps me on my toes to pay heed to them. Finally, when I do sit in front of the laptop, they turn frigid and decide to abandon me, in retaliation.  I mull on helplessly, as my thoughts suddenly seem to have gone into hibernation. I stare at the static page and it glares back at me with a mean coldness. My fingers go numb as I make a desperate attempt to type on the frozen keys.  With no choice, I wait for the inclement weather to pass, in hope that tomorrow’s sunshine will thaw the frosty barrenness from my mind’s creative corner.

mind’s sterile landscape

words drift to oblivion

a transient season

dverse Monday Haibun : Writer’s block


person holding ballpoint pen writing on notebook

Words assume the color of the writer’s ink

as it paints a palette of thoughts

drawing an imagery of multitude emotions.

Words wrap the feelings in a beauteous allure

as they bewitch the mind’s eye

with an altruistic charisma of sensory delight.

Razor sharp words, their caustic mien penetrates deep

shattering the heart into a million shards

burying them beneath a traumatic debris.

With a bold mood into a night of passion

words indulge in a flirtatious tease, raising the tempo

igniting in a tempestuous affair with the reader.

Words pen a riveting edge of the seat thriller

sweat beads trickling down the brow

as eerie tentacles of fear grip the mind.

 Cleansing of sorts, with their sublime temperament

 words lead us on a path of enlightenment

with a perfect prescription of spiritual nirvana.

Words carve intricate curves of lyrical poetry

bring alive the ancient history

script a magnum opus, satiating the literary souls.

Their most powerful facet comes to fore

when they are an impetus to stimulate.

The insipid letters of the alphabet join hands

to inspire an entire nation to rise up for a cause.


Shweta’s 6 word story : Free. Put together a few tales. Hope you like them.

Javier Allegue Barros@unsplash

Hooked to phone – free time vanishes!

Breakup did not free the memories.

Divorce, freed her from abusive relationship.

Her free verses captured many hearts.

Tiny joys of life – Absolutely free!

Break free, from stereotype societal molds.

Free of thoughts, she experienced bliss.

I write to…

Writing, Write, Fountain Pen, Ink, Scribe, Handwriting

Dawn brings in rays of sunshine and hope, the gift of being alive,

I write to believe in the promise of a new day.

The horizon flirts with the hues, a scarlet splash, a lavender swirl, a deep amethyst,

I write to paint myself anew.

Life’s Failures, learnings are the best teachers,

I write to give wings to my dreams.

With the wandering breeze, across the boundaries,

I write to scatter my thoughts like the dandelion.

Reflect on the life gone by, relive the moments of nostalgia,

I write to walk down the memory lane.

The tempest in the mind wreaks havoc,

I write to rant my anger, frustrations and helplessness.

Buds unfurl delicate petals, a tender dew drop cascades gently,

I write to soak in their intoxicating beauty and scents.

Creamy silkiness, sensational textures, heavenly aromas,

I write to savor this sinful indulgence.

The treasures buried in the belly of the deep oceans, its stormy rage, tranquil demeanor,

I write to sail to the distant shores.

The melancholic din reverberates, the mind wallows in doubts, giving up seems to be an easy option,

I write to navigate the labyrinth of life’s challenges

Lost in the wilderness, trapped by fear of unknown,

I write to hide in the darkness of my shadow.

Dark velvety sky, with the glitterati of stars, sets a perfect stage,

I write to romanticize under the moonlight by the beach.

The emotional storm strikes without a warning, breaking the heart into a million shards,

I write to cleanse the papers with my tears.

The conversations in solitude, to experience the sound of silence,

I write to make my words speak.

The echoes of the divine chants and bells resonate,

I write to feel the vibrations of the cosmic energy.

To laugh my heart out, feel the petrichor, enjoy tiny delights,

I write to express my love, celebrate life and its blessings.

 I write to catharsis my soul…



Battle of Thoughts!


The tussle between the thoughts

wreak havoc to my sanity

the positives and negatives jostle

vie, to dominate each other

mire the mind in a muddled mess.

Bound within the confines of home

the daily chores defeat the weary body

frustrations overpower the confused mind

it succumbs to a sulking mood

banging the door shut, to all .

The eventide ray from the horizon peeps in

bringing with it an enlightened reflection

merging the vestige of dark thoughts with the weaning shadows

the benign glow of the amethyst horizon

embraces the soul in a serene grace of gratitude .

Confined to home due to the lock down, my ramblings found words to vent out my frustrations. All fine, just waiting for this dark cloud to blow away without much harm.

Stay safe , Take care!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Enlighten



Nomadic thoughts on a whirlwind

running haywire, grossly entangled

a constant battle for supremacy

the mind embroiled in a mess,

endless questions, elusive answers

confusion explodes, cluttered views

explores to find an escape

from the unsettling obscurity

the fragile mind yearns for peace,

free from the endless tempest of commotion!

Ideas and Thoughts!


How do ideas or thoughts to write come to you? Do they come in……


Like a thunder out of the blue, in a flash

and keys type in, at lightning speed?


Like the burning desert sand, under the scorching sun

the thoughts , vent out ,seething ire?


Like the caress of the halcyon zephyr in the azure sky

the thoughts compose beautiful verses of love?


Like the serene waters in deep meditative trance

 the words seek to find an answer, beyond cosmic realm?


Like the dull foreboding grey monotone sky

the writings spill out melancholic odes?


Like a long forgotten idea in hibernation

thawed by the warm sunshine, blossoming into a beautiful poetry?


Like the sultry moonlight between the glitterati of twinkling stars

igniting an ardent passion of words, culminating in a union?


Like the downpour from the heavenly skies, nurturing life,

your thoughts ink to inspire and motivate mankind?


How do thoughts and ideas to write, come to you? Do share.



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