Changing Face of Time!

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Life took its first breath eons ago

traversing on its path of evolution since.

A multitude of changes ensued,

with time, the only constant.

This journey witnessed a change in man’s perception of time,

from sceptical approximations to a profound science.

With concrete theories postulated about its origin

measurement of time evolved too.

A day seemed to have a lot more time then,

relaxed carefree moments, now only a memory.

Days and years, a lose connotation of time in history,

is now dissected to milli, micro and nano seconds,

precision being paramount.

Today time’s shadow, has eclipsed man’s life.

 His journey from the cradle to grave

is a constant run against the clock

that oscillates between the hanging dagger of time.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #172 : Components of time


Where did I lose her?

Image credit; Tim Hüfner @ Unsplash

I look back in time to see a

 tiny shadow caper around,

up to her frivolous antics.

Her cherubic smile

complements her  vivacious spirit.

She embraces mirth in

life’s tiny delights,

living each moment,

without a care of being judged.

Complacent and forgiving by nature

she is unafraid to explore.

For, she is a bohemian soul.

Today, I look at my shadow.

Its all grown and groomed,

cast in the societal mould.

Always on tenterhooks ,

worrying, has become a way of life.

 The labyrinth of emotional complexities

overwhelms me.

Frowns have replaced my smiles

sadly, I define my own limitations.

I just exist, forgetting to live.

I wonder,

Why and when did I estrange myself

from my once effervescent self?

I know not…

But, I guess its never too late,

 to reconnect with my inner child,

to kindle that lost spark.

Oh! we are long lost friends

who have a lot of catching up to do!!

Sadje’s : WDYS # 61


Kevin Ku

Mired in a labyrinth,

a constant battle ensues

keeping pace with

each passing moment.

Fraught with the burden of

schedules and targets

payments and presentations

books and exams,

digital inundation,

competing with the

frenzy of the ticking clock

pressure mounts.


the emotional dam bursts,

 a deluge of chaos transpires.


time lures us

into its deceptive loop.

Life shrinks

as # deadline is trending now!

Reena’s exploration challenge #156


In response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #47 : Time

Pocket Watch, Time Of, Sand, Time, Clock, Clock Face

  1. She won the gold by nanosecond.
  2. Missed the train by a minute.
  3. Timing – crucial to commit a crime.
  4. Time, an enemy in prison cell.
  5. Meeting deadlines, gave him panic attacks.
  6. Perfect timing, satellite launch was successful.
  7. Emotional hurt heals, but scars remain.
  8. The wait proved fatal for her.
  9. Past, future at war, present sacrificed.
  10. Improved technology, many conveniences, less time.
  11. “Me time” – best gift to self.

Twin haikus!

In response to Ronovanwrites weekly haiku challenge #213 to use the prompt words TIME & MOVEMENT


Enchanted lovers

synergy of passion flows,

locked hearts, time stands still!



past acts impulsive

present lost in oblivion

worrisome future!






The present fades through the eons

reopening the doors , thoughts drift in

embraced by reminiscent recollections

images linger before the eyes

echoes with the laughter of happy times

a fragrance of sublime warmth

impregnates the air

along with some

remnants of the dark days too

under the musty cobwebs of time

the mind meanders back into the alleys

clings on to those experiences

be it coated with a tinge of bitterness

or laced with wistful moments,

for everything that passes

leaves behind memories

unique and special to each one

intricately woven into timeless treasures!!



Tanka – Charm & Time

In response to Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #77,  Charm and Time with the condition only to use their synonyms!


Futile to resist

 spell of  magnetic allure

the hours transpire

bewitching gaze consumes me

burning in intense desire!




The sun fades into the horizon,

The flowers of the garden fade and wilt,

The bright season fades into a dull grey,

The leaves fade and droop,

The magic of the moonlight fades.

In the eons of time,

everything in nature,

 fades away momentarily,

only to spring back into life,

vibrant and cheerful!


In response to the daily prompt : Faded


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