Random Musings – कल Vs Tomorrow

Alive, Awake, Aware, Hands, Embrace, Holding, Being

आज, कल की यादों से लड़ रही थी मैं,
आने वाले कल की परेशानियों को भी ,आज जी रही थी
कल और कल के इस कश्मकश में,
मै आज को जीना ही भूल गयी .

Today, I fought with yesterday’s memories ,

and am living tomorrow’s worries also.

In the tussle between yesterday and tomorrow,

I forgot to live today.





Alphabet Y – Yesterday

A to Z challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


Wake up to the promise of dawn

a new day, a fresh start

yesterday is past

live not in its shadow

let go, of all bitter incidents

learn from the mistakes,

let it not control your today

bid farewell to it.

String up the beautiful moments

that yesterday presented to you

for it will define how you treat today.

Invest in today to make it better.

Only then, tomorrow you will have

a beautiful yesterday !




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