Haiku – Dawn!


Prairie, River, Stream, Curved, Sunset, Sunrise, Nature

First blush of glimmer

bids farewell to dapper night

the crimson skies kiss


Balmy radiance

gently cascades touching life

luminous magic


V.J’s weekly challenge #106 : Touch

Eugi’s weekly prompt: Magic



Colleen’s Tanka Challenge # 18- Touch & Charm

Ic: http://www.hiffingtonpost.com

Feel and reflect on

the flickering thoughts of mind,

ravel its beauty

in a meditative trance,

drifting across the cosmos.


I have used” feel and beauty” for “touch and charm.”

In response to Colleen’s weekly Tanka Poetry # 18 challenge – Charm & Touch

The Magic of a Touch

As the rays of the dawn touched life,

it welcomed me with open arms,

nurturing and loving me tenderly!


When harsh winds mauled me down,

It pulled me up from the chasm,

showed me the light at the end of the tunnel!


The loving embrace of your arms,

ignited in me a passion for life,

creating beautiful memories!


As dusk cast its shadow on life,

and the birds flew away,

it infused me with comfort and solace ,

till sleep blanketed me.


That is the magic of a “Touch”

It speaks no language,

but yet, is all embracing,

conveying it all with a mere touch!

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