Tanka – Royalty to Realty!

Image credit; Vrolans @ Pixabay

vagaries of time

majestic resplendence wanes

arched shadows eclipsed

seals the manor’s destiny

brings it under the hammer

Sadje’s WDYS #11


Photo Challenge – Vista!

In response to Tuesday photo challenge #161, by Dutch goes the photo.

Prompt : Vista

Recently we visited Cinque Terre, the once isolated string of 5 fishing villages (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso) on the rugged Italian coastline, which today is a popular tourist place. Still maintaining its quaint old world charm, it boasts of some spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea, from atop the cliff. The best way to explore these villages once you get off the train, is by foot. It is dotted with tiny cafes, hiking trails, small vineyards. The houses perched on the steep landscapes, with their vibrant colors make it a visual delight.




Endangered blue waters…


Deep blue waters, an amazing handiwork of God’s creation. Yesterday, its turquoise waters smelt of salt. It was a home to infinite marine creatures and a lifeline to fishermen. Its tranquil persona provided a soothing balm, to calm the troubled mind. Its mesmeric beauty always held one in awe.

But sadly today the oceans reeks of a toxic scent the world over. Its pristine blue water turning into a dull grey. The plastic and junk strewn recklessly by careless tourists have poisoned its waters, endangering the eco system and the innocent sea creatures.

All images are from the internet. The pictures are a testimony to the dire imbalance we are causing due to our insensitive behavior, without realizing that its adverse effect will boomerang on us.

Recently I read that Maya Bay beach in Thailand and Boracay beach in Philippines are being shut down to tourists, to facilitate its clean up before the damage done is irreversible. Isn’t it an irony that we, despite being the most intelligent creatures on the planet, cause the most damage to it?

Isn’t it time that we help the ocean regain its lost splendor?


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