Transient Fame!

Image credit; Sean Robertson @Unsplash

Ruling the glamour industry

much sought after face

sashaying across the ramp

basking in all the adulation

stardom felt eternal.

Spotlight shifts focus

today, my face  is a mere poster on the wall with graffiti.

Forgotten, as tides of time change.

I try to chase the elusive limelight,

only to realize,

fame is like a sparkler

burning till the light fades


Sadje’s WDYS #90


I Dig Within…

Face, Soul, Head, Smoke, Light, Sad, Thoughts

All through my life, I sought solace in external validation

thriving on acknowledgement and appreciation

but, the excitement of happiness was fleeting,

before I succumbed to the feeling of nihility.

A gradual awareness elicits a perspective shift

I decide to dig within, peel out the layers to my core,

aghast, at musty cobwebbed sight I see.

The burden of emotional baggage I carry

shuts out light from seeping in.

I shed silent tears in that dark space,

as I ruminate on my purpose in life.

Finally I pick up the broom to clean

 stubborn stains of toxic grudges I hold,

discard the overwhelming burden of hurt.

As I open the windows of my heart,

  rays of sunshine permeate my soul

emanating a radiant glow within,

the happiness I feel now, is boundless!

I am still on this path to complete the deep cleansing of my soul, often failing and shutting the window. But, eventually, I do hope to let that sunshine into my core and envelop me in abundance of inner peace and happiness.

V.J’s weekly challenge : Dig

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