I am ME!


I may not be a powerful personality, commanding authority,

nor have a nerdy brain, postulating scientific theories.

I may not be blessed with chiseled looks, a face that launches many brands,

nor be a master chef, cooking up gourmet meals.

I may not be a business tycoon, globetrotting in his private jet,

nor a writer par excellence, who authored many titles.

I may not be a great actor winning many Oscars,

nor have an athletic frame, shattering records in every race.

I may not have a voice that renders beautiful melodies,

nor have many accolades to boast of,

I may not be a face that you recognize in the crowd,


my true beauty resides in my soul

resonates in my voice,

radiates in my smile,

reflects in my personality


I am “ME”

having a unique identity

among the billions around the world.

Pc: Doodle by my daughter


3 Day Quote Challenge – Day 1


I have been nominated by sasha for the 3 day quote challenge. Thanks Sasha.

Many a times, I have seen  friends  and children wanting to emulate somebody famous. They strive hard to be like their idol.Well, having an idol and learning from their experience is  definitely good, but trying to copy them and be just like them is unreasonable.

Aren’t we all an original masterpiece of the creator? Always be open to learning new skills, appreciate all the qualities that you have, nurture them well and you might surprise yourself by turning out to be better than your idol!

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