Unspoken Words!

It’s been an year since I published my maiden poetry and haiku book titled “Eclectic Verses”. Thank you for the wonderful response and feedback many of you have shared with me. Sharing one of the poems from the book. Do read it if you haven’t done so as yet. Sharing the link for the book at the end.

At times silence speaks volumes

the sublime conversations

whispers the language of love

narrates the saga of implicit verses.

Eyes drown in your bewitching allure

the face buried in your lustrous tresses

the words unable to fathom the feeling

of those beautiful moments of silence.

Under the effulgent moonlight

the hearts wallow in the beauty,

with you, hand in hand

entwined with some unspoken words.

Eclectic Verses : Amazon.in , Amazon.com


अनकही बातें – Unspoken Words

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ख़ामोशी कभी कभी बहुत कुछ कह जाती है

वो अनकही अनसुनी दास्ताँ बयान  कर देती है

एक ऐसी ग़ज़ल की रचना  करती है

जो जाने सिर्फ  दिल और आखों की जुबां

ये नैन तेरी सुंदरता  निहारे सारी रैन

तेरे घने ज़ुल्फो के साये तले

वो खामोश लम्हे प्यार के

कैसे बयान करे हम

तन्हाई में भी एक कशिश है

जब साथ हो, आपका,

हाथो  में हाथ हो

और कुछ अनकही बातों का

Unspoken Words

At times silence speaks volumes

narrates a saga of the unspoken verses

composes a beautiful song

which speaks the language of the heart and eyes

All night my eyes soak in your beauty

In the shade of your lustrous tresses

how can I express

those beautiful moments of silence

There is beauty in solitude too

when I am with you,

hand in hand

along with some unspoken words.

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