Dusk explodes across the horizon

as the waning rays of the sun, bids adieu for the day,

 with a burst of blazing orange inferno,

as the aqua waters, drink in its feral beauty.

Standing by the silhouette of the lighthouse,

I scan the horizon till its periphery,

to absorb the beauty of this ephemeral artistry,

before the tableau of hues,

is devoured by the inky darkness.

Sadje’s WDYS prompt # 79

V. J’s weekly Challenge : Peripheral


Who’ll feed me?

Image credit; Gabriella Clare Marino@ Unsplash

A small café out in the suburbs, I owned

sunshine hues ushered in a happy mood

regular clientele stayed loyal

life was modest, yet I was content, until last year.

Life has never been the same since,

with the doors of my café forced shut

the pandemic’s shadow cast a gloomy spell,

 lockdown came as an inexorable curse.

The affluent, whine about being confined indoors

but think not about the many like me.

I, who once served meals to so many

today, struggle to feed myself!

Sadje’s What do you see #78

V.J’s weekly Challenge : I’m Bored

I Dig Within…

Face, Soul, Head, Smoke, Light, Sad, Thoughts

All through my life, I sought solace in external validation

thriving on acknowledgement and appreciation

but, the excitement of happiness was fleeting,

before I succumbed to the feeling of nihility.

A gradual awareness elicits a perspective shift

I decide to dig within, peel out the layers to my core,

aghast, at musty cobwebbed sight I see.

The burden of emotional baggage I carry

shuts out light from seeping in.

I shed silent tears in that dark space,

as I ruminate on my purpose in life.

Finally I pick up the broom to clean

 stubborn stains of toxic grudges I hold,

discard the overwhelming burden of hurt.

As I open the windows of my heart,

  rays of sunshine permeate my soul

emanating a radiant glow within,

the happiness I feel now, is boundless!

I am still on this path to complete the deep cleansing of my soul, often failing and shutting the window. But, eventually, I do hope to let that sunshine into my core and envelop me in abundance of inner peace and happiness.

V.J’s weekly challenge : Dig

Enlightening Beauties!

I sit by the lake for hours watching

nature’s exquisite craftsmanship

that rise from the murky waters

yet, are a flawless blossom.

The myriad petals unfurl

 in synchronized poise,

with nimble balletic grace.

The floating beauties cast a spell,

intoxicating me in sensory rapture,

infusing a serene aura around.

It triggers a contemplative thought

as an enlightening moment dawns.

Despite the flawed exteriors

real beauty emanates from within.

I do away with the urge to focus on the external,

 indulge in cleansing my soul,

feeding it with bountiful fill of zen .

Sadje’s WDYS # 68

V. J’s weekly challenge : Urge

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