Painting Poetry!

Girl, Window, Beauty, Hands, Dreamy, Flashback, Thinks

I sit by the window with a cup of coffee

 watching my thoughts meander.

In gay abandon, they drift like the wispy dandelions,

scattering fragments across the cascading beams of the morning rays,

across the wooded trail,

ruffling the russet autumn leaves into a gaily prance,

kissing the honeyed petals bright,

splashing around in the cool gurgling brook.

Infused with the scents of nature,

I collect my thoughts with tender love.

The white paper waits in anticipation

for the words from my quill

to paint a poetic portrait of verses.

dVerse open night link hosted by Linda.



In response to’s weekly writing prompt # 107, to use in a poem or flash fiction  the 5 words below.


Here is my attempt:


The thoughts are not at rest

 words fight with each other

against an emotional anguish

waging within the warring mind.


The vehement altercation goes on

refusing to follow any rules

lost in the mayhem

of strife and turmoil.


The fervid mind seeks to untangle

the impetuous mess within

picks up the pen to scribble

some magic on paper.


Verses flow gracefully

like the gentle river

calming down the torrents

poetry is truly therapeutic!


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