The Death of the Conscience!


The bait of the worldly attractions

lure the timid mind.

The din of the endless buzz

reverberates, before it

deafens our ears

to the call of our inner voice.

We ignore its  gentle nudge

and tread far away from it.

 Finally, its faint whispers

get buried under

 our deceased conscience.



Haibun – Voice & Watch



Cleaning the cupboard this morning, I glance upon some old albums. Since the onset of digital cameras, the old pictures simply have been lying inside for a long time. Glad to have some leisure time at hand, I decide to walk down the memory lane with the many photo albums. Wiping off the fine layer of dust settled on them, I sit back to enjoy the journey ,which house a treasure trove of memories.

Flipping the pages of the album

I watch beautiful memories unfold

the sounds of joy come alive

I am lost in nostalgia

of perfect moments captured

for eternity!

In response to Colleen’s poetry challenge # 50, Voice & Watch


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