Water – Reality Check!

In response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #56 : Water

They can be read as individual stories or together as one. A grim tale with a strong message.

Dirk Wohlrabe@pixabay.com

Wealth futile, if there’s no water.

Year 2050 – water most expensive resource.

Water wars…coming soon…trailers out.

My worst nightmare – an arid earth.

Each drop an elixir – save water.


Water War!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #111, to write a tale on the pic prompt in 280 characters or less.

By mh-grafik at pixabay.com


The year 2080.  Our blue planet has turned arid and grey. All life forms perishing across the globe with most sources of water having dried up.

Mr. Sen, now a frail nonagenarian, stood sadly by the well, recalling his prophecy of a Third world war, battling it out for “Water”!

Letter count : 277


Guess, its the magic of the pearly white drops that blessed us today, that prompted me to write these haikus on the rain. Attempting to capture the effect of rains on different people.  Hope you like them 🙂


Splashing on puddles

paper boats, with squeals of laughter

children euphoric!


Grey clouds shower blessings

visuals of crops dancing

happy peasant beams!


Incessant drops fall

the swing in the porch beckons

with coffee and book!


Sweet scent of raindrops

brings in amorous fragrance

lovers rhapsody!


The monsoon brings in

a melange of promises

elixir of life!


Dark clouds seal the sky

torrents of missiles drop down

deluge all across!











Summer Heat!


In response to Secretkeeper’s writing challenge # 142,  to use the 5 prompt words below in a poem or fiction.



In the canvas of a molten mirror

the livid sun blazes like an inferno

reflecting on the city, with its intense ire

the green grass and blue water, all dry

under its harsh umbrage.


The mute trees stand still

thirsty birds circle under its canopy

the cicada’s rant echoes, as the mercury soars

sweaty humid brows drip into a rill

children indulge in indolent play indoors.


Scorched souls with sunburned faces

wait for the summer to wane

their imploring eyes fervently look up

for some wisps of grey clouds

to shower some pearly white gems!

WPC – Liquid!


Dusk descends across the horizon

dotted with tall silhouettes,

 your graceful movements,

are a spectacular visual delight!


The first rays of the dawn

wipe away the ebony shadows

ripples of the warm  sunshine

permeate the emerald waters!



Draped in a white satin gown,

cascading down with a roar

beauty reigns supreme

in the sheer raging fall !


The tired body and mind

exhausted in mundane chaos

a sip of hot tea, is all it takes

to refresh the tired soul!

In response to the weekly photo challenge : Liquid


With a  whir  the motor boat spurts into life

excitement and smiles drawn on the faces

the waters whispering secrets to the heart

embracing all in a blanket of serene tranquility!


The eyes feast on its calm blue persona

the lens all set to capture its alluring beauty

the cool sea breeze caresses the body

initiates  a conversation with the gentle waves!



“Putt putt” stutters the engine to an inert state

the motor seems to have died an untimely death

the wait for the rescue boat to arrive is a long one

stranded right in the middle of the blue expanse!


The hot afternoon sun blazing in all its glory

the water gleaming golden under its gaze

unwanted thoughts torment the mind

takes refuge in prayers to dispel the fear!


An hour long wait seems like eternity,

the rescue boat bringing in a sigh of relief

the ride back  in silence and reflection

offering gratitude for a safe docking at the port.


This actually happened to us at Chilka lake in Orissa  which covers an area of over 1000 sq. kms.We spent some anxious time stranded in the middle of the huge water body. Have you ever been stranded at any place? Do share your experience.


WPC – Elemental

The five elements of earth create a perfect symphony. Air, water, fire, earth and ether all play their parts to perfection in the nature’s musical orchestra. Their tempos vary depending on their moods. At times they are gentle and soft caressing the soul to a tranquil bliss. But when nature’s ire is provoked, it unleashes a tempest, the sound of which sends shivers down the entire mankind.

Let’s respect nature’s benevolence and enjoy its soulful and rejuvenating musical show!









Tanka – Earth & Water

ic: http://www.pixabay.com

Called a blue planet

majestic aqua oceans

kindling its own symphony

waves ebbing in harmony

with the footprints on the shore!


In response to Colleens weekly  poetry challenge #26 – Earth and Water

I have used the synonyms planet and aqua in their place.

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