The Celestial Party!

BrewNSpew cafe’s weekly prompt : Harvest Moon


The velvety stage is set, as twilight casts its veil

the halcyon breeze croons a musical melody

a poetic rhythm ensues as stars join the choir

the celestial party comes alive as

the luminous pearl makes a grand entry

flaunting its flamboyant florescence,

serenades the inky expanse with an

alchemy of its gleaming halo.

Weekly photo challenge – Transmogrify

When I checked this week’s prompt, it read ” Transmogrify “. It was a word beyond my limited vocabulary. I had to ask my friendly dictionary to help me understand its meaning. My ever obliging dictionary willingly threw some light on it. It gave me two meanings:

i) To change or transform into a different shape,esp a grotesque or bizarre one.

ii) To change thoroughly, as into a different shape or form.

My pictures today go more with the second meaning!!


One fine day my son surprised me when he announced that he was going to make some donuts. Happy, that he volunteered to try a hand at something in the kitchen I left him to do the honours. With his laptop on the kitchen counter, the you tube video of the recipe guiding him, he earnestly started work with soft music playing in the background. I sat back watching him at work, refraining myself from giving my expert advice 😉 After a couple of hours of labour, he came out with an assortment of donuts so well arranged. It was not only a treat to the eyes but a feast to the taste buds.

Indeed a proud moment for me as a mom, when he donned the apron and came up with one of the best tasting donuts I ever had ❤ !


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