Water War!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #111, to write a tale on the pic prompt in 280 characters or less.

By mh-grafik at pixabay.com


The year 2080.  Our blue planet has turned arid and grey. All life forms perishing across the globe with most sources of water having dried up.

Mr. Sen, now a frail nonagenarian, stood sadly by the well, recalling his prophecy of a Third world war, battling it out for “Water”!

Letter count : 277





Many of us feel routine to be so boring. We crib and complain that life is so mundane devoid of anything exciting. We just carry on with it, promising ourselves to plan something different and challenging soon.

But, one phone call or incident is all it takes to turn our routine upside down. Diagnosis of a medical condition, untimely death of a family member, an accident or any untoward incident can upset our life beyond control. God forbid an eventuality like this happen to anyone,  it is only then, that we appreciate the value and goodness of life going on smoothly, as in a routine.

Be thankful for routines too. It only indicates that ALL IS WELL!


Image Courtesy: http://www.dreamstime.com


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