The Missing Pieces of Life!

Ross Sneddon@unsplash

On some days

I ride on the wave of optimism

drift like the dandelion wisps

with my meandering thoughts

sprightly, in gay abandon, across oceans.

On some days

I bury myself within a shell

hiding from the world,

protecting my fragile heart

from the emotional attacks.

On some days

I juggle between the many roles I play

bogged down by the gravity of relationships,

ensuing in a clash between

 my outward façade and inner core.

The summations of all experiences

have moulded me into who I am,

I learn, unlearn, falter, and assimilate

seek to be a better version of me,

In pursuit of self-realisation

I don a reflective mood,

yet the answers elude me.

I strive hard to fit in the jigsaw pieces

to complete my role, in the enigma called life

but, find some pieces still missing in the frame.

V.J’s weekly challenge : I am learning

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