Through my eyes…

Corona and its impact grips the world

 media spews fear in the minds of people

blowing things out of proportion.

Amidst all the negative pandemonium

they fail to highlight the rays of hope

emanating from kind souls

who reach out a helping hand,

infuse positive endurance.

I have realised, to see the world

through the people that surround me,

not through the blare of the breaking news.

Word count : 67


Haiku – Better days ahead…


Monstrous gloom descends

anxiety engulfs life

pandemic looms large


gales of panic blow

amidst uncertain currents

cling steadfast to faith


sparkle of ray peeps

glorious sunshine embraces

global well being


Feeling low on hearing about so many positive cases around me. Trying to keep up a positive frame of mind, clinging on to hope, that things will improve and praying that this  pandemic will end. Soon the world will see a beautiful new dawn emerge behind the grey clouds of fear.

Stay safe and take care!

Travel Tales!


Hiker, Hiking, Backpacker, Backpacking, Tourist, People

Each can be read as an individual tale or together as a single one. Hope you enjoy them.

Explore world, travel bucketlist, another strike.

Souvenirs from travels, world within home.

His travel blog, brought him fame.

Travel taught him what education didn’t.

His travels unraveled the journey within.

In travel, he finally found redemption.


In response to Shweta’s 6WSP : Travel



Let’s not lose our sight…


Last weekend I was watching a movie on television. A sentence the actor said, stayed in my mind.

I had to lose my sight to see.

This sentence carries an enormous burden of emotion and regret, isn’t it? It is not just his sight he is talking about, but also the guilt of turning a blind eye to everything around him, except himself.

Very often man becomes an island of “I”, totally self-centered, focusing only on himself, his growth and success.  He turns away from people or things outside of his circle. He fails to experience life, beauty, happiness and is insensitive to the happenings around him.

We need to step out of the cocoon of conceited attitude that we have developed for ourselves, for when we look back, we see nothing but a reflection of  bitter remorse.

Before it is too late, we need to channelize the collective brilliance of the human intellect, to shift its focus to more humane approach to make this “world and us”, better!

So, it’s time to pause,

amble across the green grasslands

gather the scattered emotions,

collect our thoughts,

walk away from the thorns of illusionary success,

reinforce the root of disintegrating values

feel the allure of nature’s grandeur,

weed out the toxic prejudices

bask in the warmth of familial love

rise above man made boundaries

exhibit a spirit of kindred brotherhood

infect humanity with a happiness bug

indulge in kindness

endeavor to respect the environment

listen to the whispers of the soul,

to enjoy a life well lived,

and leave behind a habitat

for generation next, to breathe!


V.J’s Weekly challenge #100 : Pause

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Brilliance




The Death of the Conscience!


The bait of the worldly attractions

lure the timid mind.

The din of the endless buzz

reverberates, before it

deafens our ears

to the call of our inner voice.

We ignore its  gentle nudge

and tread far away from it.

 Finally, its faint whispers

get buried under

 our deceased conscience.


WPC – Place in the world

A place in the world, my utopian dream

a quaint cottage, on a carpet of green

cradled in the morning mist

the ears drench in the gurgling brook’s melody,

the vibrant blooms , the swaying trees

meandering butterflies, the chirpy birds

all reside in my friendly neighbourhood.

The idyllic surroundings weave a sublime image

a warm confluence of nature’s grandiose

the soul opens the door to usher in a halcyon aura

of bountiful peace and tranquillity!


Ps: All the pictures were taken during our visit to Poland.

Alphabet U – Utopian World

A to Z Challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**


A picture in my mind I paint

of an utopian world,

where the countries are free from

the shackles of boundaries

and universal brotherhood reigns.

Where equality is supreme,

irrespective of gender or religion.

I dream of a paradise in which

all dwell in harmony with nature

where hunger and poverty find no place

fear and terror give way to trust and calmness

kindness and  benevolence  replace greed and power.

 There is a thrust on seeking true knowledge,

where there is evolution of the soul.

Such is my vision for this world

where all the children of almighty

live in love and peace!



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