I write to…

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Dawn brings in rays of sunshine and hope, the gift of being alive,

I write to believe in the promise of a new day.

The horizon flirts with the hues, a scarlet splash, a lavender swirl, a deep amethyst,

I write to paint myself anew.

Life’s Failures, learnings are the best teachers,

I write to give wings to my dreams.

With the wandering breeze, across the boundaries,

I write to scatter my thoughts like the dandelion.

Reflect on the life gone by, relive the moments of nostalgia,

I write to walk down the memory lane.

The tempest in the mind wreaks havoc,

I write to rant my anger, frustrations and helplessness.

Buds unfurl delicate petals, a tender dew drop cascades gently,

I write to soak in their intoxicating beauty and scents.

Creamy silkiness, sensational textures, heavenly aromas,

I write to savor this sinful indulgence.

The treasures buried in the belly of the deep oceans, its stormy rage, tranquil demeanor,

I write to sail to the distant shores.

The melancholic din reverberates, the mind wallows in doubts, giving up seems to be an easy option,

I write to navigate the labyrinth of life’s challenges

Lost in the wilderness, trapped by fear of unknown,

I write to hide in the darkness of my shadow.

Dark velvety sky, with the glitterati of stars, sets a perfect stage,

I write to romanticize under the moonlight by the beach.

The emotional storm strikes without a warning, breaking the heart into a million shards,

I write to cleanse the papers with my tears.

The conversations in solitude, to experience the sound of silence,

I write to make my words speak.

The echoes of the divine chants and bells resonate,

I write to feel the vibrations of the cosmic energy.

To laugh my heart out, feel the petrichor, enjoy tiny delights,

I write to express my love, celebrate life and its blessings.

 I write to catharsis my soul…




Tanka – Turmoil!

In response to Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge # 98, to use the prompt words Sad & Write (Synonyms only)


the somber heart weeps

hit by emotional storm

pen scribbles in vain

the deluge of tears ink

a melancholic saga.


Heart Broken!

In response to secretkeeper’s weekly writing prompt #139, to use the following five words or their synonyms in a poem/fiction.



She writes her memoirs

with the ink of her tears

that pour out odious feelings

on an emotionally tainted paper.


The dark side of his personality

adorns a nefarious cloak

his wounds  scar her soul

leaving her heart broken.


Reeling under the shock of his callous behavior

the place holds painful memories

she makes a promise to her resilient spirit

to walk out, never to return.


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