Rain – The Artist!

In response to iScriblr.com’s Freedom of Expression Challenge #21, for the prompt word “RAIN”



The arid tanned landscape

paints a picture so gloomy,

the languid eyes look up in earnest

at the clear blue skies

waiting to be enveloped by

the dark grey clouds

to shower pearly white drops

washing the dusty brown land anew.

The fresh scent of petrichor

the drops bring in,

paints the earth in hues of green

the aqua waters of the sea swell up,

the crimson petals of flowers

lie scattered on the pavement, satiated

every living soul comes alive

O Rain,

the flora and fauna

rejoices as you shower

your silver elixir!


58 thoughts on “Rain – The Artist!”

  1. Beautiful! Itโ€™s indeed an artist playing with so many colors!! Great perspective!! Eagerly waiting for the arrival of this artist ๐Ÿ˜€ โ€ฆ.
    the water situation looks very grim here with only 13% remaining in reservoirsโ€ฆMumbai is running on reserves and whole of Maharashtra is under severe drought! Even others states tooโ€ฆ

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