Happy 2019!


The last page of the calendar, makes a solemn adieu

as my failed resolutions ,of the last year and

the year before that, gets a final burial,

with all due respects , to the many failed attempts

to keep them breathing and alive.


This year the plan is that, there

are no plans, or goals forsaken,

no more  broken promises or trying to pretend.

So sayonara 2018 , along with my

failed list of resolutions.


An older but wiser me is 

adopting the mantra of

New and Now.


Each NEW day, will

 gift myself the present of NOW

 be in it fully, savor it!

Breathe, Explore, Involve, Focus, Awaken, Pause.


Next time when I welcome

the new year, the moments

 will stay alive in my memories

with imprints of  my happy signature scribbled

for many more years to come!


Wishing all my blogger friends a very Happy 2019. Do share your views on New Year resolutions 😉


Sidlak – Snowfall!


The grey skies

shower crisp snowflakes

swirling in gay abandon

ushers in the winter carnival

enveloping the earth in white confetti.

Merry Christmas to all 🎅

Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem ( no restriction on syllables) or the feelings of the writer.

Lessons from nature!


At twilight, the setting sun paints a masterpiece on the expansive canvas with swirls of crimson, tangerine and marmalade. At times it puts up a benign face, while at other times a riot of pinks and blues intensify into a deep mauve, before fading into darkness. Though this beauty is momentary, it ensures a new look every single evening as it readies to move, on its onward journey. The fact that in today’s busy world, people hardly pause to admire this beautiful blessing at dusk, doesn’t make an iota of difference to its creative play of colors. Its artistic flair continues unabated, without a feeling of remorse at the lack of appreciation.

Just musing over this thought, I often wonder, do we humans have this attitude in us? We always strive for some form of recognition or praise for a job well done, be it at work or home. It deflates our morale when we don’t see that acknowledgement coming our way. Do we still continue to give it our best or do we whine and crib, before eventually abandoning it?

What do you do in such a situation? Do share, if this picture is familiar to you and how have you moved forward? I am sure it will help many of us to deal with it better including me 😉




Magical Ocean!

In response to secretkeeper.net’s challenge # 172, to use the five prompt words in a poem or story.



A bout of hysterical flare up

sends me scurrying to the

shoreless ocean bed, where

I seek solace to pacify the heated mind.

Perched on the rocky cliffs,

gazing at the magic of the shimmering waves

listening to the gentle whispers of the breeze

sets me free from the emotional bondage.

The halcyon blue expanse, lulls the untamed ire.

Amid the naked waters, silent sands

and moments of solitude, I attain a sense of peace,

drowning in its wondrous depth.

Catching them unaware!

In response to Cee’s photo challenge of catching people unaware!

Many times pictures are more natural when we don’t pose for them. The candid clicks bring out innate aspects of people making the picture so fresh. So here are a few where I managed to catch them unaware!

At a temple in south India
Playtime at the beach!
Krakow market area
At Manna, the last Indian village on the northern side
At a street in Krakow
Holy shrine of Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India



The Discovery!

In response to Kat’s twittering tale #114, to write a tale based on the pic, in 280 characters or less.

Photo by MabelAmber at Pixabay.com


Granny’s old house in the village had no gadgets. The boys were forced to spend lazy afternoons playing in the huge garden.

An excited shriek from them broke the silence one noon. Inside the hollow, they found an owl sitting near a box full of magic potions and a wand!

Letter count 271


Don’t rob my innocence!

In response to Helene’s What do you see weekly challenge, to write a post the pic prompt.


The tiny feet caper merrily

walks on the path of life

enjoying the wondrous sight

with curiosity and awe,

discovers boundless treasures

falters, learns and assimilates

savoring the magic of nature

rearing to hold infinity in his palms,


his sentinels grab him, to cast him into a mold

burden his tender shoulders with a load too heavy

bundle him on an assembly line

stamp him with fear and anxiety

confine his growth within the societal norms

rob him of his innocence, shred his soul,

churn out an end product –  a successful living robot!

बेफवा कौन? Who Betrays?


ज़िन्दगी तो बेफवा है,

जाने कब गले लगा ले

और कब ख़फा हो जाये,

पर मौत अपने वादे से

कभी नहीं मुकरती

बस एक बार जो गले लगती है

सदा के लिए अपना बना लेती है!

Life is two faced

one never knows,

when it embraces

or leaves us bitter

but, death never

breaks its promise

once it embraces you

it makes you its own!

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