Are we guilty?

Ic: Senjuti Kundu @unsplash

Eyes behold prismatic dreams

giggling through innocent childhood laughter


Until, the sentinels of society

clip the creative artistry

tainting her beautiful life’s canvas

with strokes of insipid hues.


Tanka – Lost Innocence!

Image credit; Dimhou @ Pixabay

Childhood innocence

tiny delights define joy

mindful behavior

transition to adulthood

mind full, blinkered existence!

Sadje’s WDYS#115

Tanka inspired by Chris’s poem, Return to innocence

My Partner in Crime!

Wallowing in a muddy puddle

naked feet jump in gay abandon

squishy, squashy soggy mess,

happy souls prance together

the tiny tail wags in delight

to the sweet sounds of giggles.

My pup, my perfect partner in crime.

Stealthily we enter home,

staining the carpeted floor with tiny footprints of brown.

The silence of the evening shattered

by mom’s scream of disgust,

watching us plastered in an earthy pack,

she fires her volley of angry outbursts.

We stand in mute innocence

my pup, my perfect partner in crime!

Dakshali’s picture prompt plate #3

Slow Poison!

Image credit; Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

Two tiny angels, hand in hand

dressed pretty, picking posies

dimpled giggles, bubbling laughter

 playing naughty pranks

excited over a broken tooth,

sharing half eaten candies

discussing in all seriousness, about their bag of trinkets

frolicking merrily behind meandering butterflies.

Indulging in pure childhood joys,

oblivious of their skin colors,

they revel in a world of happiness with each other,

Until the sentinels of society

grab them with their tainted hands

feed their tender minds with malefic thoughts,

tarnish their naïve souls

with malice against each other.

With time, innocence gradually fades

distancing themselves under myopic racial scoff.

Sadje’s What do you see # 58. Does the above image inspire you to write something?

Angelic Beauty!

Anahitha | Cute baby girl images, Baby girl images, Cute baby girl

Empyreal crystal eyes dazzle,

A mesmerizing smile adorns the dimpled cheeks,

the pearly whites shine bright within,

black curls cascade down your charming face,

The world is enamored by your bewitching beauty,


It is the allure of your soul

radiating a pristine glow of innocence

that is truly angelic!

Don’t rob my innocence!

In response to Helene’s What do you see weekly challenge, to write a post the pic prompt.


The tiny feet caper merrily

walks on the path of life

enjoying the wondrous sight

with curiosity and awe,

discovers boundless treasures

falters, learns and assimilates

savoring the magic of nature

rearing to hold infinity in his palms,


his sentinels grab him, to cast him into a mold

burden his tender shoulders with a load too heavy

bundle him on an assembly line

stamp him with fear and anxiety

confine his growth within the societal norms

rob him of his innocence, shred his soul,

churn out an end product –  a successful living robot!

Twin haikus – Child & Play

In response to Ronovanwrites weekly haiku# 207 using the prompt words child and play.


Safe in mother’s arms

feeling of love envelopes

child’s haven of bliss!


Weary adults,

let the child in you be safe

keeps burden at bay!




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