Haiku Publication!

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Delighted to share that 3 of my haiku for the theme volcano, have been featured in Freya Pickard’s blog purehaiku. Do check them out. Sharing the link to the posts here.

Volcano haiku 1

Volcano haiku 2

Volcano haiku 3


Are we guilty?

Ic: Senjuti Kundu @unsplash

Eyes behold prismatic dreams

giggling through innocent childhood laughter


Until, the sentinels of society

clip the creative artistry

tainting her beautiful life’s canvas

with strokes of insipid hues.

Peace At Dawn!

Dawn enters the threshold of the ebony sky,

nature’s nimble quill, pens scarlet verses across the yonder,

 broody clouds pale under the dazzle of the sun.

As the empyrean canvas welcomes a new day, singing a lyrical ballad,

I surrender my pain to celestial heavens, bask under its benevolent grace.

The reflective solitude of the morn, envelopes me with abundant peace.

A Milestone!


Thoughts dress by my reflective moods

I paint the words with my emotional palette

a long journey, scripted through a variegated literary landscape

inspired by your writings enroute,

I celebrate a milestone of 1000 posts today.

WordPress congratulated me on my 1000th post today. Thank you, my WordPress family, for being with me and encouraging my work. Truly grateful for each of your likes and comments. Of late, I am guilty of not reading your posts regularly. I have joined work and keeps me busy. But I’ll definitely try to drop by whenever time permits. Thanks once again for being with me.

Happy Navratri to all my Indian friends!

Haiku – The Cactus!

selective focus photo of orange flower
Daniel Tuttle@unsplash.com

The lonesome heart pines

lost in the barren landscape

stoic demeanor

Scorching cloudless sky

survives the parched desert heat

resilient soul

Spiked outer armor

smiles through the blistered needles

a vibrant blossom

In Hope…

Life’s pedal moves on waiting for none,

O brother, the only sepia toned picture of us, is a treasure I cherish.

It conjures so many memories full of mirth.

The happy feet scampering across the neighbourhood, on hot summer noon

our buffoonery, inviting the ire of the old café owner.

With laughter echoing through the streets,

those growing up years defined unlimited felicity,


miasmic bugle of war blew, bringing with it bloodshed

bombs bombarded destruction and mayhem.

My lachrymose deluge, drenched the rubble looking for you,

the throes of separation lacerating my soul.

After all these years, I still wait, in hope of your return…

Sadje’s WDYS #146

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