Tanka – Elegy!

Living cadaver

a decadent world shrivels

an eerie portend

stars convulse in spiral ire

stygian skies bemoan life

Sadje’s WDYS #133


U – Unadulterated Beauty!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I

Human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man – Anonymous

Man has managed to smudge most of nature’s natural picture with his murky hands. To be able to witness and experience its unblemished beauty is a rarity. Nature’s original look today, adorns layers of antiquity, as we have besmirched it beyond recognition. Man’s constant interference has sapped nature’s soul of life. Sadly, no man-made edifice can compare with the appeal of nature’s primeval visage.

Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunlight are hard to beat – Laura Ingalls Wilder

The eyes witness nature’s natural marvel

 my litany of verses fails to describe its beauty.

Adorning contrasting yet complementing layers,

its unadulterated looks fill me with awe.

His creation so pristine, delights the soul.

Its rapturous beauty beguiles my senses.

Soaking in the magical exuberance,

I leave with a prayer, that the remnant virginal allure

remains untouched by man’s sullied hands.

T- Thanksgiving!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


Apart from the visual aesthetics, nature bestows us with salubrious nourishment. It calms the restless mind. Nature to me is an epitome of benevolence. She showers her blessings on all who seek. My hands join together in prayer of thanksgiving, for constantly nurturing and healing me.

Show gratitude to nature and it reciprocates ten folds – Rob C

I surrender my pain to the soul of the universe

to look beyond the illusion of emptiness, that besieges my heart.

My closed eyes watch a display of snippets

trying to navigate through the storms of my life

Amidst the raging internal din

a tiny ray peeps in to disperse the darkness.

I anchor on to light of trust,

the dark shadows of gloom begin to recede.

My teary emotions dry

beneath the brightening illumination.

I harvest a refulgent slice of peace

from the abundance of the cosmic energy,

ever grateful for her magnanimous grace.

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Mystic Misty Morn!

green trees on green grass field during daytime
Andrew teoh@unsplash.com

Driving through the meandering mountain roads,

surreal allure beckons.

Each bend wrapped in a misty cloak descending from heaven,

unravels a beauteous splendor.

The boughs weighed down by the tender dew drops,

greet with a cheery sway.

Gentle breeze cajoles clouds, laden with moist feelings of emotions,

spray showers of pristine shimmering droplets.

The dreamy serenity emits an aura of empyrean reflection

across the lilac hues of the horizon.

My imperfect soul enjoys, perfect moments of solitude

soaking in the ethereal calm of a new dawn.

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