T- Thanksgiving!

A to Z Challenge – Nature and I


Apart from the visual aesthetics, nature bestows us with salubrious nourishment. It calms the restless mind. Nature to me is an epitome of benevolence. She showers her blessings on all who seek. My hands join together in prayer of thanksgiving, for constantly nurturing and healing me.

Show gratitude to nature and it reciprocates ten folds – Rob C

I surrender my pain to the soul of the universe

to look beyond the illusion of emptiness, that besieges my heart.

My closed eyes watch a display of snippets

trying to navigate through the storms of my life

Amidst the raging internal din

a tiny ray peeps in to disperse the darkness.

I anchor on to light of trust,

the dark shadows of gloom begin to recede.

My teary emotions dry

beneath the brightening illumination.

I harvest a refulgent slice of peace

from the abundance of the cosmic energy,

ever grateful for her magnanimous grace.

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41 thoughts on “T- Thanksgiving!”

  1. Hi Radhika,
    Beautiful thanksgiving post for the nature β€” and I loved the poem as well. Quotes are always my favorite. Noting down this one as well. In between the deadlines, I have found some time, so, writing my R post.

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    1. Thanks so much Swati. You can write up your posts earlier and post it on the specific day. Also do look up how to schedule posts. In that case if you are busy, WP will post it at the scheduled time. Just thought of sharing this, since you are new to WP. Please ignore if you already know. Have a lovely day!

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      1. Hi Radhika,
        Thank you for sharing. But no, I am not new to WP. I have four blogs already running on WP, but yes DeepTechWriter is a new blog. This is the blog I have recently started because it’s just been four years since I started technical writing. My WP account is 15 years old. Do check out my other blogs like culinarydelites.wordpress.com, swatisays.wordpress.com, artcullifestyle.wordpress.com,

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  2. WOnderful post! Yes, giving Thanks to God is most important and I used to forget to do so.. 😦 I have now β€˜thankfully’ gotten over this phase. This quote is excellent Show gratitude to nature and it reciprocates ten folds by Rob C” Have a good weekend on the AtoZ!

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    1. Yes Archana, in the busyness of life we often forget to show our gratitude for the abundance of blessings we have. Glad that you have overcome that phase. Thanks so much my friend. You too enjoy your weekend πŸ’•


  3. I think its high time we show some gratitude to nature and serve it to avoid repercussions. Seeing the climatic changes I feel we never were thankful to mother nature in real sense . I hope everyone inculcates the behavior to be more thankful to everything nature has to give! Great thankful post πŸ™‚

    Dropping by from a to z β€œThe Pensive”

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