Tanka – Lost Innocence!

Image credit; Dimhou @ Pixabay

Childhood innocence

tiny delights define joy

mindful behavior

transition to adulthood

mind full, blinkered existence!

Sadje’s WDYS#115

Tanka inspired by Chris’s poem, Return to innocence


34 thoughts on “Tanka – Lost Innocence!”

  1. I’m honoured to have provided an ounce of inspiration for your beautiful Tanka, Radhika. Your poem so cleverly captures the transition from the view of the child to that of the adult. Mindful…mind full – says it all! 💖

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    1. All credit to your poem Chris, for triggering this thought process in me. It’s ironic that from being mindful as a child, we grow up to fill our minds with so much unwanted clutter, that we lose our sense of creative imagination and become oblivious to all the beauty around us.
      Thanks again my friend 💖

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