Lessons from nature!


At twilight, the setting sun paints a masterpiece on the expansive canvas with swirls of crimson, tangerine and marmalade. At times it puts up a benign face, while at other times a riot of pinks and blues intensify into a deep mauve, before fading into darkness. Though this beauty is momentary, it ensures a new look every single evening as it readies to move, on its onward journey. The fact that in today’s busy world, people hardly pause to admire this beautiful blessing at dusk, doesn’t make an iota of difference to its creative play of colors. Its artistic flair continues unabated, without a feeling of remorse at the lack of appreciation.

Just musing over this thought, I often wonder, do we humans have this attitude in us? We always strive for some form of recognition or praise for a job well done, be it at work or home. It deflates our morale when we don’t see that acknowledgement coming our way. Do we still continue to give it our best or do we whine and crib, before eventually abandoning it?

What do you do in such a situation? Do share, if this picture is familiar to you and how have you moved forward? I am sure it will help many of us to deal with it better including me 😉




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