5th Anniversary!

Doodle by my daughter

8th May, 5 years ago, I took my first step into world of blogging.  From my first post, to about 850+ posts till date, from an absolute novice to a published writer along with many online publications now, it has been an incredible journey of learning and growth.

As my blog Radhikasreflection celebrates its 5th anniversary today, I would like to thank each one of my readers for their constant support and feedback throughout. Some of you have been with my here, right from my initial days.  Heartfelt gratitude to you my dear friends. Will look forward to your amazing company in the journey ahead too.

I sit at my table, in the alcove by the window

as the white curtain sways to the zephyr,

wafting in, with the fragrances of a world beyond,

drenched in life’s palette, in a motley of colors.

My ears soak in those whispers of thoughts,

their essence permeates into my being.

 I gather the scattered unspoken words together

cajoling them into an expressive frame.

I breathe life into them, birthing my poems,

radiating a genuine warmth of emotions,

that emanate from the core of my soul.

My cup of gratefulness overflows with your support. So a big thank you to all my blogger friends. Do let me know what do you like about my writing?

I would like to leave you with a special request.  India is grappling under an intense wave of the deadly pandemic, do take a few minutes to send out a healing prayer to India and the world. Hoping all the collective efforts will help us come out of this dark phase soon. Thank you!!

Stay safe and stay blessed ❤ !


94 thoughts on “5th Anniversary!”

  1. Wow radhika!! 😍😍
    Congratulations for the 5yrs of you and your blogging family ! You are fab and you know it! 😉
    Keep writing! Much more viewers are waiting somewhere in future to join you as your readers ❤️!!
    I love reading your blogs!
    And yes! We are indeed going through a tough phase.. let’s pray together.. let’s heal faster 😇🙏

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  2. Congratulations, Radhika! I really enjoy reading your poetry which creates wonderful word pictures in my head. I’ve been thinking of you and all my blogger friends in India… sending hopeful and healing thoughts.
    Keep well, stay safe 🙂

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  3. Wow Radhika. 5 years 🤩 of spreading love and joy and many more to follow. All the very best.

    Yes, we have been doing many special healing services for all 🙏🙏

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  4. Congratulations, Radhika, on your five-year anniversary! I always enjoy your exquisite poems and lovely photography. Love the tribute from your daughter. 🙂

    India and all of my Indian friends are in my thoughts daily. May the nightmare soon be over! Take care. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Cheryl you have been one of my biggest supporters. Immensely grateful for that. Many thanks my friend ❤️.
      Much appreciate for keeping us in your thoughts. Yes, I genuinely hope this nightmare ends and the world breathes back to normalcy. 🙏💖

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  5. I love the way your weave the truth and reality of life. The different hues you dress nature with and the reader flows into the cadence of your imagination. Always inspiring. Thank you for connecting 🙂
    Congratulations! Aditi’s calligraphy is superb. Wonderful creative hand she has.

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  6. A happy blogversary Radhika! A beautiful poem to mark the occasion. We are very worried about the situation in India. Healing thoughts and prayers for you all , our neighbors. Hugs.

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  7. Happy fifth blogging anniversary dear Radhika. I loved your poetry so much. It was full of love and beauty. Your poems are always awesome and your book too is lovely. Keep it going and hope we all could pray for each and every human being in our country and for others all over the world. We really require good thoughts and goodness from each and everyone.

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    1. Heartfelt gratitude to you Kamal. You are one of my earliest supporters. Many thanks for all the love and encouragement you show me. ❤️. I love what you write Kamal. Your words radiate so much positivity and goodness. Let’s all join hands together in prayer for world healing.
      Thanks once again dear 🤗

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      1. Thanks for your kind and sweet words Radhika. Yes we are both together from the start and it is great to be friends with you. Your work and motivating posts are so encouraging. Let us all join hands together with faith and trust in God for healing our world from this so called virus and we all live a simple and beautiful life of being selfless and contented. Love and lots of hugs to you. Keep safe ❤️❤️😊😊❤️

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  8. Awww … congratulations R ❤️❤️.. a very happy birthday to your blog. I love your super duper vocabulary. Each post I will have atleast one new word to learn. Feelings ooze out in your writing, in your poems. This poem too is so absolutely amazing!!
    About second wave here, yes… lots of prayers from all please.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Aww… thanks HS. My language and writing style has grown over the course of time by reading some absolutely brilliant content on WP. All the bloggers here are amazing and I have learnt a great deal from them. ❤️
      Prayers and good vibes are what we need the most to come out of our current mess. Thanks for that. Blore is pretty bad, isn’t it? Take care and stay safe my friend ❤️

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  9. An inspiration you are! A masterweaver of words tapped from the internal landscape. Love your dedication and devotion. Heartiest congratulations dear Radhika ♥️🧡💛

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  10. Happy blogversary! Your writings are just fabulous! Always,always enjoy reading them. Cheers to 5th year of blogging. Continue to inspire always!

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  11. Yay, congratulations Radhika… it was such an honor to have met you here.. i enjoyed your poems over the years, they were something that really triggers my deepest thoughts and imaginations.

    happy Mother’s Day, as well

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  12. Your presence and poetry has been one of elegant and rich beauty of words that we get to experience. Wishes Galore on 5 years of this amazing work of your talent and wishing you continued happiness and success in this space 💛💛💛✨✨✨✨

    Absolutely with India in thoughts and prayers constantly, it is indeed very difficult times, asking for so much resilience and endurance 🙏🏼

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    1. Thank you Pragalbha. Very grateful for your constant support and encouragement. Your work is a huge motivator and inspiration for me.
      Thank you for your healing thoughts for India. Much need the collective positive vibes from people. 🙏❤️

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  13. Your writing always leaves me learning and oohing and awwing at how you “breath life into your poetry Radhika! I love your heart and soul that shines through on the page and unique delivery of your poetry. You have a giving heart and are a loving mother which can be seen by your daughter’s words.

    Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, growing so much and inspiring us with your beautiful words always❣️💓 ❣️ xo

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    1. So humbled reading your beautiful comment Cindy. More than the likes or followers, I am so happy when my words connect with the readers. So truly delighted.
      I appreciate your constant support. Many many thanks Cindy ❤️🙏

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      1. Oh I’m happy to hear that Radhika. Truth only passes these lips and I too feel that way so I totally get it. I’m happy to delight you. You are sooooo welcome and it’s a mutual admiration I can assure you❣️ Blessings to you on Tuesday❣️

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  14. Fifth blog anniversary is an important milestone. Congratulations Radhika.🌹
    Your poetic vocabulary is amazing. Keep going up. 👍
    We can pray together for the whole world against this virus. 🙏
    Take care 💜

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