Haiku – Power and Race



of power is addictive

winning the rat race.


In response to Ronovan Writes  Weekly Haiku Challenge # 122- Power and Race

Image courtesy : http://www.contactatonce.com


21 thoughts on “Haiku – Power and Race”

  1. You are able to generate so much power in very few lines Radhika that keeps the readers baffled and in absolute awe and keeps us asking for more like Oliver Twist..there is so much profoundity in these lines and this mad race to the top will eventually make man to race to the bottom of the pit..

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    1. I agree Sunita. It is difficult to come out of this. The intoxication drives you to reach higher and achieve more ultimately burning you out.
      Through your positive feedback you have always encouraged me to keep writing. Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks a ton dear 😍
      Have a lovely day!


  2. Trump Managed to Win One Rat Race Today… Perhaps the ultimate Rat Race…which only 2 are permitted to run…
    Certainly not for love, but yes certainly one of power….
    Very true… your blog post…

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