She was but today She is……


Suppressed with chains of bondage

a subdued life she lead for centuries

bearing the cruelty inflicted on her

swallowing  the endless flowing tears,

smiles and happiness an elusive dream

resigned to her fate, in silence!

With the eons of time

unravelling the layers of confinement

she emerged slowly out of her cocoon

to feel the warmth of the sunshine

equipped with an armour of education

with confident strides she marches along

 taking on the baton, guiding many lost souls

adapting and embracing myriad roles with aplomb.

Now, when dark grey clouds loom over her,

she fights back  with resilience

charting her own path to victory.

She is the woman of today!

A very Happy Women’s Day to all you beautiful women from across the globe ❤ !





50 thoughts on “She was but today She is……”

  1. Thank you for a marvellous poem….these lines speak a lot!!!
    It indeed depicts a story which has been beautifully scripted into a poem.
    Happy WOMEN’S DAY!!!! And may the lives of women continue to shine with the elixir of EDUCATION!👍

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  2. Brilliant … keep moving … continue to walk in the path of progress and the struggle associated with it…. I just want to add that please be very careful about the choices … about the decisions keeping in mind the pragmatic circumstances… Pls tc…

    Best wishes and prayers..

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      1. Thank you so much… I tried to share whatever limited I have seen .. for which I was really upset and worried… hence I thought of having a good balance is what is required… without ignoring or compromising our soul… there is no prosthetic to it !!
        Have a wonderful day..
        Pls tc.

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      2. Thank you… for this unconditional support and wishes… theses are priceless…. this is the trust which helps me to carry out work that I am ought to complete !! Loads of good wishes and prayers !!

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  3. Powerful post Radhika! Society needs to ask why we need days like women’s day. Shouldn’t women need all this respect,rights and love 365 days. But today we feel need to celebrate this day, which you described so beautifully!

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    1. Absolutely agree Meenakshi. Women deserve the respect all through the year. I guess all these concepts of celebrating women’s day, mother’s day, father’s day etc is a development of the recent times. Maybe wanting to make them feel all the more special!

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