Alphabet X – The letter X itself!

A to Z challenge


Theme – ** Kaleidoscope of thoughts**

X is probably the most underrated  letter among all the alphabets. Extremely shy, rarely does it take the lead or initiative to place itself at the beginning of a word. It always seems contented to mingle with any of its 25 other friends. However its favourite buddy is ‘e’ beside whom it likes to cling itself most times to create numerous words!

Adorns a mysterious mood when it finds itself in excite and explore.

Rhymes so well with its clan in sex, flex and vex.

Labelled the best in excellent, exemplary and exalt.

Personification of beauty in exquisite or exotic.

Goes out of proportion in extra and exaggerate.

Banished in exile and expel.

Sets a precedent in example and exemplar.

Lays bare and in shambles in expose and explode.

Highly over rated in excessive and exorbitant.

Stretches itself beyond limit in expand, expanse and extend.

Is acquitted or absolved in exempt and exonerate.

States in detail in explain and expound.

And finally, no comments when it deals with the ex’es!


54 thoughts on “Alphabet X – The letter X itself!”

  1. I was very eagerly waiting for your post on x, like you said it’s a shy alphabet on a stand alone basis. But you have paired it so well with E’. Believe me it’s an XEmplary job you have accomplished. Really loved this post, Radhika. I can see the creative genius flowing in you 👍

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