Daily Prompt – Above


When death hovers above me

knocking at my door,

whispering my name,

to take me on a journey beyond,

I wonder what I will feel?

Will I look back at life, content

or will it be a bagful of regret?

Will I raise a toast to life’s beautiful moments

or feel, could have let go of tiffs, to create more of them?

Will I be happy at the wealth amassed

or will the balance tilt in favor of my kind deeds?

Will I be remembered for my achievements

or for the smiles I brought to people’s faces?

Will I be able to allay my fears of death

or embrace it with open arms?


These questions often makes me pause and tread differently!


48 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Above”

    1. That’s a question difficult to answer for us at this stage. But if we are in general content about our lives, it guess it becomes easier later. This is a topic where not much is known about and it is going to be very personal and different for each of us. Thanks Pragalbha sharing your thoughts.

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  1. There are quite moments when these thoughts fleet by too. The other world continues to be a mystery in spite of all the advancement and that makes death dark and mysterious. May be we should let these thoughts go and enjoy these precious moments of life.

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  2. Very well written and profound 🙂
    I did hospice work for years and I do know that we need to live every day like it’s our last and that we need to prepare for our death. For example have a will and advanced health directives, etc then we can get on enjoying life knowing that we are ready for that knock!

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  3. Radhika, your questions and the response of readers amaze me…most of the people don’t harbor any thoughts about ‘death’ or think it is far away…wouldn’t come too soon! I have an 80 year old blogger friend who hopes to live another 20 years!!
    Wonderfully penned poem.

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    1. Thank you so much Balroop. Through the feedback from fellow bloggers I was happy to understand that many of them do reflect on this. That’s really so important for our emotional and spiritual growth. A change in perspective often works wonders.

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  4. Beautifully written, the same questions bother me too sometimes, I don’t know if we’ll ever find the answer but I think we should just try to find happiness in small things in this life and leave other uncontrollable things to fate 🙂

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  5. This one is really a big question what we will feel when death will hug us or the people have felt who have passed away and its also true that all the thoughts you have mentioned in your poem will hover in our minds.
    Very nicely penned.Loved it a lot.

    Can relate with this poem very deeply for certain reason.

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  6. This is good poetry, posed with our musings about life, and things that make it worthy? We do tend to forget the process, while living for our goals. The poem was philosophical, deep and touched upon things that should matter to very human who desires a fulfilled life. What;s out true calling? Beautiful!

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  7. And i will also think what is going to happen to me next!!!! The ultimate realisation…the moment of truth! Is it going to be whatever has been told to me all along in my life or is it going to be something else…something which will render everyone’s version of the ultimate truth a pathetic lie!!…and that something if somehow can be conveyed back to the stupid world then will solve most of its problems…but the one-way journey will never let it happen!! Alas!
    Great post!! 👍

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